Week in Review

Ron Paul Sees Bailout Writing on the Wall

With momentum building for some form of taxpayer-funded housing rescue, what better time to check in with one of the most ardent bailout opponents, Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas? more…

Russian Oil Production Peaked in 2007

Russian oil production has peaked and may never return to 2007 levels, a vice president of Russia’s second-biggest oil producer Lukoil, Leonid Fedun, said in a Financial Times interview. Fedun said he believed last year’s production of about 10 million barrels/day was the highest he would see “in his lifetime”. more…

The Daily Pfennig

Well, the high price of oil, has finally pushed across to Consumer Inflation… (of course you and I know it already did, but the stupid CPI report is just now showing it, but not much of it!) CPI pushed higher in March to 4%, which is exactly where the “experts” forecast it to come in… You’ve got to love it when a plan comes together, eh? Of course over at the Shadow Stats, John Williams, has calculated Consumer Inflation using the 1980 methodology, and show inflation much higher… Can you say, 12%? I knew you could! more…

DOW Jones $12,849.36
NASDAQ $2,402.97
S&P 500 $1,390.33
Gold/oz $916.20
Silver/oz $17.84
Copper/lb $3.95
Oil/bbl (Brent) $113.92
Wheat/bu (CBT) $8.85
Corn/bu $6.13
Rough Rice $24.07
Dollar/Euro $1.58
Yuan/Dollar 6.99
Rupee/Dollar 39.76
Yen/Dollar 103.675
Prime Rate 5.25%
Fed Target Rate 2.25%
2 Year Treasury 1.75%
10 Year Treasury 3.50%
30 Year Treasury 4.375%

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