Week In Review

Proposing The Dissolution of The Federal Government of The United State of America if Certain Conditions Occur

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Arizona, the Senate concurring:

1. That when or if the President of the United States, the Congress of the United States or any other federal agent or agency declares the Constitution of the United States to be suspended or abolished, if the President or any other federal entity attempts to institute martial law or its equivalent without an official declaration in one or more of the states without the consent of that state or if any federal order attempts to make it unlawful for individual Americans to own firearms or to confiscate firearms, the State of Arizona, when joined by thirty-four of the other fifty states, declares as follows: that the states resume all state powers delegated by the Constitution of the United States and assume total sovereignty; that the states re-ratify and re-establish the present Constitution of the United States as the charter for the formation of a new federal government, to be followed by the election of a new Congress and President and the reorganization of a new judiciary, similarly following the precedent and procedures of the founding fathers; that individual members of the military return to their respective states and report to the Governor until a new President is elected; that each state assume a negotiated, prorated share of the national debt; that all land within the borders of a state belongs to the state until sold or ceded to the central government by the state’s Legislature and Governor; and that once thirty-five states have agreed to form a new government, each of the remaining fifteen be permitted to join the new confederation on application. more…

Fighting the Inflation Tax with Gold

Inflation is back — at the pump, at the grocery store, and in your utility bills. The higher prices you’re paying are caused, in large part, by Federal Reserve (FED) money creation. Like counterfeiters, the FED creates money almost out of thin air. more…

Economic Causes of War

There are no economic causes for armed aggression within a world of free trade and free enterprise. In such a world, no individual citizen can possibly derive any advantage from the conquest of a province or a colony…. The wars of the 20th century have been, to be sure, economic wars. But they have not been caused by capitalism, as the socialists would have us believe. They are wars caused by governments aiming at complete political and economic omnipotence, and have been supported by the misguided masses of these countries. more…

Verizon picks Linux—but not Android—for mobile platform

Mobile carrier Verizon Wireless has joined the Linux Mobile (LiMo) Foundation and has announced plans to adopt the open source software platform. Linux-based phones will be available from Verizon next year, alongside other devices that run competing proprietary operating systems. more…

Viguerie: All Republican leaders must resign

Republicans are doomed to wander in the political wilderness until this generation of weak-kneed, no-vision, inarticulate, afraid-of-the-liberal-media politicians are replaced mostly with principled conservatives in the mold of Bill Buckley, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. more…

DOW Jones Industrials 12,986.80
NASDAQ 2,528.85
Wilshire 5000 14,423.75
S&P 500 1,425.35
Gold/oz 902.3
Silver/oz 16.94
Copper/lb 3.8706
Oil/bbl (Brent) 124.99
Wheat/bu (CBT) 7.754
Corn/bu 6.166
Rough Rice 20.065
Dollar/Euro 1.558
Yuan/Dollar 6.99
Rupee/Dollar 42.41
Yen/Dollar 104.05
Prime Rate 5.00
Fed Target Rate 2.00
2 Year Treasury 2.125
10 Year Treasury 3.875
30 Year Treasury 4.375

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