Letter From The New Mexico Quadrennial Convention

You and I are told increasingly that we have to choose between a left or right, but I
would like to suggest that there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up
or down – up to a man’s age-old dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent
with law and order – or down to the ant heap totalitarianism, and regardless of their
sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security
have embarked on this downward course.
– Ronald Reagan, 1964

To whom it may concern:

For far too long this country has failed to have a meaningful debate on any issue of importance.

The news is reported by mindless drones that simply parrot the indistinguishable slogans of two
political parties. They bring us false choices, choices about how our lives might be controlled
by a central government several thousand miles away, while ignoring the possibility of not being
controlled at all. Absent is the consideration that the federal government may not even have the
legal authority to exert such power in the first place. [1]

Our politicians value the aggrandizement of their own power over the long-term welfare of our
country. They pander to a population of individuals, special interests, and corporations who are
not interested in competing in a free enterprise system, but who only seek favors for themselves
and their cronies. Paradoxically everyone attempts to live at the expense of everyone else.

Then when election time comes around we are entreated to make another false choice. The
candidates debate, but what passes for a legitimate debate between candidates is a nearly
worthless question and answer session where the empty-suits regurgitate their respective party’s
vapid talking points. Any candidate who attempts to change that formula by including ideas of
substance is subjected to ad hominem attacks, and his ideas are brushed aside. His peers and
the media contribute equally. It is pathetic indeed.

Simultaneously this nation and its people have become arrogant, ignorant, complacent, depen-
dent, and because of this they are fit to be manipulated by those who seek power. We are so
convinced of our own greatness that we refuse to consider that it is not guaranteed. The world’s
knowledge is at our fingertips but we would rather sit idly in front of the television and get fat
while our government provides for us form the cradle to the grave. Our level of personal debt is
immense, and we spend more and more each day. [2]

Still the height of our folly lies with the belief that through the use of force, and despite overwhelm-
ing historical evidence to the contrary, we can reshape the world in our own image. [3] Empire after
empire has been destroyed or dismantled through its own overreaching, and invariably we will join
them. It only remains to be seen when, and continuing this fool’s quest to improve the world will
only hasten this unshakable fate.

It does not have to be this way. It should not be this way, and yet if we do nothing, nothing will
change. But we must act, because change does not come from hope it comes from action.

I supported Ron Paul for President because I think we can do better. And yet, I am a realist. Ron
Paul will not be our next President. John McCain is this party’s nominee. I will accept another false
choice between the socialists of the two major parties, but I will not pretend to like it. And I will do
this because I would expect you to accept Ron Paul were he the nominee.

But I supported Ron Paul for a reason. He stood for something real. He spoke his mind. He un-
derstood where we were headed and that, in order to preserve our way of life, we must change
course. He would bring this nation back to its founding principles, which some say are quaint and
outdated, but our Constitution is neither quaint nor outdated. It is central to our entire way of life
and it has been ignored for far too long.

It is time for things to change. I am tired of paying well over 50% of my income in taxes. [4] I am
tired of perpetual war. [5] I will not accept that any government has the authority to regulate the
minutiae of my life. I reject the possibility of leaving my children with a pile of debt that is anywhere
near what my parent’s and grandparent’s have left me. I will not be ruled by a socialist from any
party. I live within my means and I demand that my fellow citizens and my country do the same.

Ron Paul’s message was simple, but not simplistic:

• Follow the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, or amend it as required by law.
• Maintain a strong national defense.
• Return to a policy of sound money backed by a tangible asset like gold.
• Reduce our debt and lower taxes.
• End the income tax.
• Restore American Sovereignty by stopping illegal immigration and removing ourselves from
usurping international organizations like the UN and the WTO.
• Stop policing the world, and bring our troops home from the over 130 bases we have over-
seas, while continuing to engage in peaceful diplomatic and commercial relations with the
world. [6]
• Overrule the supreme court and bring the debate on abortion back to the states. [7]
• Eliminate several cabinet level departments, including education and commerce.
• Allow individuals to opt out of social security and Medicare and subsequently find a way to
phase out those unconstitutional systems.
• Ensure that all of our veterans are well cared for.

The bottom line is this. Our country’s bankruptcy looms on the horizon. [8] We must get our financial
house in order soon and on terms that we choose. Otherwise those terms will be dictated to us
out of necessity, and I assure you they will not be pleasant. Our Constitution is our guide, and we
ignore it at our own peril.

Ron Paul may have lost the election, but the principles he campaigned for will prosper. He has
inspired a new generation of activists and leaders, and I am proud to be among them. I invite you
to join us in bringing his message to the American People, to reshape and grow the Republican
Party, and to take back our country. To fight for true change.

There are several individuals at this convention hoping for your vote so that they might attend the
national convention and do what they can to bring the Constitution back to its rightful place in
our political debate. I urge you to support them.

It is time to choose. It is always time to choose. Will it be up or down?
In Liberty and Freedom,

Craig W. Wright                                                                               craig@thelibertyalliance.org

[1] Health care and education are prime examples.
[2] According to the Federal Reserve individual Americans are personally liable for $3.1 trillion.

[3] Rome, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, the Ottomans, Austria-Hungary, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, the Soviet Union, and a host of others have either disappeared or have become mere shells of what they once were.

[4] Is it possible to be half a slave?

[5] This country has been in at least a quasi-state of war since 1941.

[6] This is not isolationism. This is non-interventionism.

[7] Yes, congress has the authority to do so anytime it pleases without a constitutional amendment.

[8] The national debt is approaching $10 trillion at the rate of $1.3 billion per day, while the Social Security and Medicare liability is estimated to be near $55 trillion. Note that a key part of Al Qaeda’s strategy for defeating us is to bankrupt us.

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