Week In Review

Backlash Continues Against Ron Paul Movement

Beneath the still surface of the apparently secure nomination of John McCain as the Republican candidate, supporters of Ron Paul are still fighting the system and doing what they can to influence the process. It appears to be an uphill battle, with many of their efforts devolving into little more than delaying tactics and spreading chaos, and in many cases generating a hostile backlash from the party establishment which is harming efforts to move the party in a more pro-liberty direction. more…

Film spending in Albuquerque could reach $150 million in 2008

The film industry has brought about $250 million in direct spending to Albuquerque in the past five years and is on track to bring $150 million to the city this year alone. more…

War and Inflation

You can line up 100 professional war historians and political scientists to talk about the 20th century, and not one is likely to mention the role of the Fed in funding US militarism. And yet the story of central banking is one step removed from the story of atom bombs and death camps. It is the most important priority of the state to keep its money machine hidden behind a curtain. Anyone who dares pull the curtain back is accused of every manner of intellectual crime. We must end the conspiracy of silence on this issue.

It comes down to this. If you hate war, oppose the Fed. If you hate violations of your liberties, oppose the Fed. If you want to restrain despotism, restrain the Fed. If you want to secure freedom for yourself and your descendants, abolish the Fed.


Find out when you should die

This just defies all explanation. You have to see it for yourself. And remember, this was designed for children, albeit in Australia. more…

Ron Paul to End Campaign, Launches New Effort

The new phase of the revolution officially begins with a speech tonight in Houston and a Web video to be posted on his site, officially ending Paul’s presidential campaign and freeing up the more than $4.7 million in campaign cash for investment in a new advocacy group, The Campaign for Liberty. more…

See The Campaign for Liberty as well.

DOW Jones Industrials 12307.35
NASDAQ 2454.5
Wilshire 5000 13889.66
S&P 500 1360.03
Gold/oz 873.4
Silver/oz 16.612
Copper/lb 3.6656
Oil/bbl (Brent) 135.11
Wheat/bu (CBT) 8.995
Corn/bu 7.65
Rough Rice 20.3
Dollar/Euro 1.5374
Yuan/Dollar 6.8972
Yen/Dollar 108.165
Dollar/ Braz. Real 0.6132
Prime Rate 5.00
Fed Target Rate 2.00

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