Vote Insolvency in 2008

Obama and McCain are both are big-government socialist hacks. What’s more, there are only trivial differences between the Democratic and Republican Parties. And both of them will lead us off the edge of a cliff. Consider we have:

* Almost a $10 trillion dollar public debt. (that’s 12 zeroes)
* A nearly $50 trillion dollar medicare/social security liability. (The government does not use the same accounting rules that it imposes upon public companies. To the extent that if any public company used the government’s method of accounting the officers of that company would be in prison!)
* Assets valued at around $60 trillion.

We are technically bankrupt and what do the politicians have to say about that? Nothing!


* Our money is devaluing against most world currencies worth mentioning.
* We are running a $500 billion dollar deficit, which is about $1.3 billion/day. (Note that the war is an off budget item so that’s not even included.)
* Our failed foreign policy costs us well over $500 billion a year. (Pentagon, foreign aid, etc…)

And what do they have to say about any of that? More wars? More deficit spending? Free health care? Give me a break.

We are in serious financial trouble and the only thing these socialist hacks can do is promise us more guns, more bread, and more circuses. They will lead all of the lemmings straight off the cliff.

If we want our problems solved we must solve them ourselves. The notion that we ever put any faith in the government to do anything for us is a ridiculous one, and it should be rejected out of hand. As a free people we have a responsibility to solve our own problems ourselves and then to directly help our neighbors to solve theirs. There is no other way.

The welfare/warfare state is a failure.

And make no mistake, we have a ticking time bomb. The only question is when it explodes.

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