Conservatism has failed

Conservatism is a backward looking ideology that by definition attempts to maintain the status quo or revert to some previous more acceptable state of affairs. Because of this, conservatives are perpetually playing defense, and as a consequence of this defensive stance are ever doomed to give up ground, much less achieve victory.

Traditionally the conservative movement in the United States has pushed for limited government at home, a strong national defense, and a social policy that is rooted in Christianity. The Republican party, which has often been the political arm of conservatism, has more often than not completely betrayed conservatives.

This is especially apparent with respect to fiscal restraint, though the Republican party has failed conservatives on practically their entire agenda. With respect to national defense, where the Republican party claims to be strongest, it has been an utter failure. Defense does not lie in bankrupting the nation by fighting a plethora of foreign wars. That is a path to national ruin and the enslavement of future generations.

Even the social conservative has to count the Republican party a major disappointment. Each election cycle candidates are required to bring out their pro-life, pro-family, pro-Christian planks, but they have never delivered anything substantial once elected. Gay marriage amendments, overturning Roe vs. Wade, and things of this ilk are simply tools that party strategists use to scare voters to the polls.

So it has been, and so it has come to be that there is scarcely anything about the Federal Government that is worth conserving. It is a horrid abomination, practically illegitimate, and certainly bastardized. The conservative movement has thus failed. The only question that remains is what will replace it.

The liberty movement has a golden opportunity to move the Republican party away from its conservative backward looking ways and into the future. The opportunity should be seized before time runs out on it.

Finally, to those self-identified conservatives, won’t you join us in the fight for limited constitutional government, sound money, individual liberty, and a non-interventionist foreign policy?

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