Tea Parties and All That Jazz

It has been an interesting week. Another rape, err tax day, come and gone. But this time there were some surprises. Looks like some folks have had enough. So they held Tea Parties. Sadly I had a meeting and couldn’t make it to Lansing, but that’s not going to stop me from offering up my opinion on the whole matter.

First I have found it very entertaining how the folks at the New York Times, CNN, and other dinosaur media outlets have been downplaying the significance of this. It must scare the crap out of them to see so many people that disagree with them getting together. So they deny and disparage and hope that the storm will blow over. They call these folks stupid, mildly racist, and other names so as to prevent themselves from having to think.

They ask: “where were these people when Bush was on his spending spree?” And frankly I wonder the same thing because I know where I was and I know where many of my friends were. We were trying to get Ron Paul elected! Meanwhile I know damn well many of these Tea Party people and their ilk were actively thwarting us. I can only hope that they will come around and realize that interventionism abroad begets interventionism at home and vice versa. Simply, Constitutional government is incompatible with imperialism abroad.

In any case if we’re pointing out hypocrisy I feel compelled to ask where the anti-war left is now that Obama has been elected? He is pursuing policies that are nearly identical to Bush’s. In some ways he’s even accelerating them. Where are you guys? Anti-war one moment and apologists for your team the next. You have no principles. You make me sick. Perhaps one day you will realize that interventionism at home begets imperialism abroad, that socialism is incompatible with peace, that it is at its very core a horribly violent ideology.

But to get back on topic, there is some truth to what CNN and the dinosaurs were saying, because of course all good lies must contain a kernel of truth to be effective. It was pretty obvious that the right wing establishment was trying to harness this, despite the fact they say “this is all grassroots”. I’m sorry when Fox advertises a rally and proclaims its grassrootiness out of one side of their mouths, while out the other side of their mouths they are telling you to attend…  Well one just has to step back and wonder: “What the hell is really going on here?”

Yeah, of course the Republicans want to harness all of this disgust with spending. They want to be back in the seat of power controlling the spending. Who wouldn’t want to be in charge of a 13 figure budget? Really, a trillion dollars can buy a lot of things…

Seriously though, let’s not forget that the Republicans are responsible for doubling our nations public debt over the course of the last six years. Let’s also not forget Reagan’s horrific record when it comes to being thrifty. Despite the talk they just do not deliver, not fiscally. Not on anything really. Just consider the bi-annual pro-life dog and pony show. Tell me, after 30+ years of this, what exactly does the pro-life community have to show for voting Republican?

Despite their rhetoric the Republican Party has never delivered the small government goods. But I guarantee you they’ll be just like the guy that beats his girlfriend. They’ll be like: “Take me back baby. I promise I’ve changed. I’ll be good to you from now on.” That day will come and to all of you out there who are as disgusted as I am. We have to call bullshit. If the Republican Party captures this disgust and just uses it to spring back into power and then just gets back to their same old tired act, then this whole thing will have been worse that a failure. If we want to use the Republican Party as a vehicle for this disgust, we’re going to have to clean house. Big time.

So CNN was saying that the whole thing was staged, and Fox was touting its grassrootiness. At the end of the day it was both. The very act of Fox promoting it made the event lose some credibility in my eyes, although the irony appeared lost on them. CNN called bullshit. What they both failed to notice was Ron Paul’s mark on this event. Have a look at some of the pictures. Do you see the signs about the Federal Reserve? Do you see the Campaign for Liberty Signs? Do you see even the few Ron Paul signs? Yeah, we were there and we reject out of hand both the CNNs and Foxes of the world.

We got out there, we talked to people, we informed, we spoke to the root causes of our current predicament and to the solutions, which are simply a return to the core principles set out in the Declaration of Independence, that we are all endowed by our Creator with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Words can not describe my level of happiness to see so much anti-Federal Reserve material on the TV over the last few days. The message is getting out there. It stirs up some hope in my cynical bones. Sadly there wasn’t too much actual reporting on that aspect of things. Instead the mainstream news wasted their time debating the grassrootiness of the whole event and how this was or wasn’t a big Republican con job.

Seriously though, who cares, we have to stop accepting the way the mainstream media frames these debates, which they do either because they implicitly endorse the duopoly, because they are shallow thinkers, because they are lazy, or a little from columns A, B and C. Either way this left/right, Democrat/Republican box of out-dated generalizations that is so representative of our country’s semi-retarded political debate has to go. It only serves to obscure the important issues. Smash this box. Then burn it. Then bury it. Then proclaim good riddance to the left/right box of claptrap. I hope that the Tea Party goers who have not already come to this realization will eventually, preferably sooner than later.

In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Either you think—or else others have to think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.” It’s well past time to start thinking.

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