John Dingell Romulus Townhall

I showed up to the event about 20 mintues early and there was a line forming outside. I was probably about 20 or 30 people or so back. We were informed that the building was full and we were not going to be allowed in. I started talking to the folks around me, most of whom opposed HR3200 (aka the Healthcare Bill). From there we got onto other topics like the corrupt system of central banking that we are saddled with and which is well on its way to enslaving us.

Turns out there was a big anti-Fed guy standing right next to me. I hope I convinced him to sign up for the Campaign for Liberty. In any case he did sign up for my newsletter. I got 3 or 4 new subscribers actually.

We talked and time passed and then I looked back and there must have been at least 250 people behind me in line. Probably more. People with signs and flags and other paraphenalia. The anti-HR3200 people probably outnumbered the pro-HR3200 people by 10 to 1. Also remember there were already at least 250 people in the buliding at this time.

And there were flags and placards and signs. There was a picture of Barack Obama with a Hilter mustache that said “I’ve Changed.” Of course the gadsen flag was on proud display. The anti-abortion crowd was out to as HR3200 would provide government funding for abortions, which really is just abhorent. Of course there were some pro-Obama signs, but so very few in comparison.

After a while folks started to get tired and began leaving, but then the Dingell staffers came out and said he would have a second meeting with those who were still waiting outside.

By this time I had been standing around for a while and the conversation around me was petering out, so I went and got my HR1207 (Audit the Fed) petitions and started getting signatures. So very few people refused to sign and I only got about 1/6 or so down the line before the second meeting started. Still I got 60 signatures or thereabouts. If there had been 3 or 4 more of me I could have had over 200 signatures easy. Auditing the Fed is such a braindead obvious thing to do.

One guy was just abosoutely hell bent on thrwarting me though. For instance he says, “you don’t trust the government so how could you trust the Congress to Audit the Fed?” You just can’t argue with these people. What are you supposed to say, “yeah well, I’d rather we break the US into 50 independent republics?” How well is that going to go over? I cajoled him and he agree to sign the petition. But he just wrote Xs where his signature and address were supposed to be. Uggg.

I saw another girl standing in line with a “Healthcare is  Right” badge on, but still of course asked her, “would you like to sign my audit the Fed petition?” She shook her head. She seemed very lonely, standing there all by herself, unhappy, no friends, so trusting of our Imperial Federal Government. I kept moving. Most of those around her were talking about how corrupt and useless Washington is.

So after all of that I never went into the meeting, but from what I heard it was a typical political dog and pony show. Dingell puts all of his apologists and supporters in the front rows with signs, asks people to write down their questions, cherry picks the questions he’s going to answer and then proceeds to answer. I did hear some chanting from outside and apparently there were some disturbances inside, and some ranting by his constiuents, which I full well support.

I’m sick of the political class regardless of political party. They are abjectly corrupt and inept and they all need to be thrown out. Thursday evening was just another reminder of that.

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