Individualism vs Collectivism

by Jeff Wright

We are closing to perigee of the ongoing struggle to find out if the one system can dominate the non-system. The 20th century was a warm-up. Marxist/Leninism will not die. Like a chameleon, it just changes its color from Red to Green to blend into the background. There is a willful part of the human race that always seek to dominate in one form or another. So many “conservatives” accept the paradigm without even realizing the fundamental differences with their supposed principles. So-called “liberals” don’t even realize how much of what they think is so at odds with their own innate nature. To Wit:

“The basic issue in the world today is between two principles: Individualism and Collectivism.

“Individualism holds that man has inalienable rights which cannot be taken away from him by any other man, nor by any number, group or collective of other men. Therefore, each man exists by his own right and for his own sake, not for the sake of the group.

“Collectivism holds that man has no rights; that his work, his body and his personality belong to the group; that the group can do with him as it pleases, in any manner it pleases, for the sake of whatever it decides to be its own welfare. Therefore, each man exists only by the permission of the group and for the sake of the group.

“These two principles are the roots of two opposite social systems. The basic issue of the world today is between these two systems.”

Ayan Rand, 1946

The apotheosis of the green movement into the religion of the times is but one more false paradigm that humans are apparently going to be driven through, as so many cattle, once again. It seems the human collectivists (always and eventually revealed to be some form of insane, meglomaniacal cabal with a single public head) can’t stop creating new forms which attempt to take control over the individual.

From your local HOA, school board, special district, city council, etc., through every level of human abstract political thinking, the forced collectivists that join those bodies always try to wind up at the Big/World Government; the Big Kahuna for their fantasies, the Giant Global Tribe. They are trying it once again through environmentalism and the dissipating remnants of Marxist experimentation of the last century. Fortunately, it will fail again. If not through active opposition, then through its own inevitable, dead-weight collapse. However, they won’t stop trying. No matter how self-evident the individual nature of true human existence, even of those would-be collectivists.

The involuntary collectivists will fail because forced human collectivism is ultimately so comprehensively un-natural. It is against the nature of humans and it is against nature itself. Strangely, it is even against the true fundamental spiritual philosophy of most of mankind, though not against most religious teaching. Much of religious teaching is of collective thinking (an interesting but very explainable phenomena when one thinks of why) that supports the church, not the spiritual nature of humans. Beings that are unalienably created equal are, by definition, individuals who must then be free to practice liberty without imposition of any collective except through voluntary contract.

Many (if not most) people are fooled by the false comparisons of efficient and harmonious colonies operating analogous to ant and bee colonies. The analogy is completely false. Just a short study of ant or bee colonies reveals that they do not operate as top-down imposed organizations. Instead, they operate as distributive, cooperative arrangements between the individuals in the colony. They are successful because the individuals act in mutually cooperative ways with the other members, not in some top-down abstract order.

Unlike human monarchial-, dictatorial-, or even democratic-collectivist regimes, there is no abstract order and organization passed down from above. Instead, each individual in the colony is born with a small set of instinctive instructions that they repeat, based on varying feedback, with other members in order to successfully operate the colony. The small set of 7-10 simple rules allow them to properly react and communicate amongst themselves with no centralized instructions ever generated. And unlike human collectives the insect Kings (drones) and Queens actually perform a vital function for the colony. In human collectives the rulers are parasites and many times generate violence and death for many members of the collective. In the natural world ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ generate life and effectively are actually subservient to the colony in their natural role. They are also not indispensable. If a queen dies, the other members of a colony can create their own queen simply through special feeding of any one of the available remaining larvae.

The natural distributed, cooperative model is very similar to the operation of the global internet (which has millions of distributed, independent switching nodes). It is the reason distributed desktop/internet computing became so successful, so quickly over the centralized-hierarchical mainframe model. As in human collectives the mainframe technological along with the industrial model are subject to single-point-catastrophic-failure (SPCF). Because of that irrefutable fact and its operation, more evident with each passing day, the current industrial and post-industrial model of organization is in fact a dead-model walking and has been obsolete for decades. As in the case of the technological-mainframe model, centralized-hierarchical management and organization models only appear to be successful techniques in their early development and operation. Once they mature, only then does the inherent weakness of the SPCF become readily apparent and demonstrate the need for replacement. However, the power structure is attempting to hold on to that legacy, even as it so clearly and comprehensively is failing right in front of our eyes everyday, every way and in every form. It is also the reason they hate the internet, as it does not allow them to control the distribution of information. The Genie accidentally got out of the bottle and they can’t put it back.

The centralized-hierarchical model is not only fully opposed to our nature, but also antithetical to our Constitutions and law. The Republic was organized and founded based on individual liberty and a distributed, cooperative organization of states, each independent and sovereign in relation to the Republic as is true for each individual in relation to the states and the Republic. Ultimately, the sovereign is the individual and which again is supposed to be self-evident. The extremely limited amount of power that was centralized in the founding was also distributed among seperate branches of the state and federal governments in order for them to remain weak and never be in control of the individuals or states respectively; only to arbitrate and regulate among them for controversy and dispute.

That model has been nationalized in subtle, steady progression since the latter half of the 19th century right along with the industrial model of economy and society. Nationalization is another false paradigm. It has been achieved via illegal operation, political manipulation and the acquiescence of the population and states. These are not only false paradigms, but have “become destructive of these ends” and thus, our nature. Only active awareness and constant focus on their dismantlement will insure their demise in this cycle. However, as others have so clearly stated, it is only through “eternal vigilance” that we can avoid their return, yet again. As Thomas Jefferson so forcefully put it, “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

As well, “Give me Liberty or give me death,” is not an abstract political rant. It is the nature of our existence, however cloaked by the current operation of the power structure.


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