Remote Desktop Lockup/Freeze on Login

A couple days ago (mid-November 2009) there was an update from Microsoft. After applying this update I was unable to remote desktop to the machine to which the update was applied.

Actually I was able start the remote desktop session, but after typing in my login and password the remote desktop session would freeze. Not only that, but the machine that I was making the connection to froze-up as well. It wasn’t even responsive to a three finger salute at the console. Hard reset was the only way to restart it.

I searched around trying to figure out what the problem was. Later I talked to a friend of mine, also the sys-admin where I work and he was able to help me.

Since the solution to this was hard to find I thought I’d post it. Note that there was nothing in the event log to suggest what the problem was.

Anyway, we edited a registry key in:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

and added:


Note, this is in HEX and corresponds to 32MB.

After applying this I was able to connect to the machine via remote desktop again. I’m not sure WHY this worked, but it did. That’s good enough for me right now for this problem.

For what it’s worth this fix also appears to work when the system is unable to load rdpdd.dll. My friend had that problem on another machine.

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