The Global Climate Scam

It looks like the lid really came off the global climate scam this week.

Actually I’ve been on the fence about the science for quite a while. Because I don’t know anything about the models or their data that show global warming or enough about the models or data of those who would refute the warmers, I just have not had a strong opinion about the facts. I just don’t know.

On the other hand, I have definitely been opposed to the eco-fascist policies that have flown like diarrhea from the minds of the political class. Global warming is an excuse for a naked power grab. Funny thing though, if global warming really were happening, the government would be the last entity that I would want addressing it. If the state took responsibility you could guarantee that there would be massive budget overruns, corruption, and absolutely no results. Well, except the degradation of whatever liberty we retain.

But beyond the particulars of this case, the current debacle fundamentally calls into question the validity of the governmental-scientific complex. It’s no secret that governments fund a great deal of the scientific research that is conducted today, and that most U.S. universities are practically branches of the federal government. The conflict of interest inherent in this state of affairs cannot be ignored.

Good science requires honest debate and unending skepticism. Such skepticism should be doubled in the face of government funded research that calls for more government. Government scientists, in fact any scientist, can not be assumed to be unbiased or to have our best interests at heart. Rather like corporate scientists, we should assume that government scientists will come to conclusions that please the hand which feeds them.

Whatever the case, we should demand that the source code of any computer model used to guide public policy be fully disclosed.

  1. #1 by plm137 on Saturday, November 28, 2009 - 09:12

    The true data was there all the time. It only had to be made available. The data results were “inverted” and anyone who would have had the chance to actually see the raw data would have seen this at once. Even an untrained person could have figured it out.

    For several years now I have tried to get the ray data used when making the “global warming” crisis theory. I could never get it.

    If you look at the graphs presented by Al Gore and reversed the legens so CO2 and temperature were reversed, then you have the true facts. This information came out of England several years ago, but it never made the news (surprise, supprise).

    No conputer errors here – it was intentional missinformation from the highest level.

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