Report from the Ann Arbor Tea Party

Well, I made it out to the Ann Arbor Tea Party on Thursday. Overall it was okay. There were several interesting speeches, and I met some new people. Anyway, I’ll get to all of that in a second.

Little Wife, Baby Girl, and I arrived about 30 minutes early. The local Democratic Party had been organizing a counter demonstration. This was their battle cry.

“Across the United States the Tea Party protests have been marked by:

  • “The use of racist chanting, signage, and imagery
  • “The use of bigoted remarks towards both females and members of the LGBT community
  • “The promotion of violence against democratically elected officials
  • “The spreading of lies and falsehoods about President Obama and other Democratic leaders”

Not sure where they get all of this from. It’s a lot of BS as far as I can tell. In fact I heard one person remark, if you took away all the signs we’d pretty much all look the same.

So the “opposition” was there, but they were severely outnumbered.

The speeches started around 7PM or so. A local talk radio host Thayrone X, whose spam filter sometimes doesn’t mark my newsletter as spam, gave a long rambling speech mainly centered around how America good, empire good, bomb Iran, if you disagree you’re a moron. Ugggg. People like him give the Tea Party a bad name. On the other hand if most Tea Partiers buy this line, well then, they might just be a lot like the left makes them out to be. I hold out a great deal of hope that this is not the case.

Whatever, people like Thayrone shouldn’t be invited to speak at these events. He’s polarizing, ignorant, ineffective, and thus useless. On the other hand, I do call his radio show once in a while to use it as a platform to speak my mind… So I suppose he’s doing some good. Not sure it out weighs the bad.

Okay back to the Tea Party.

Tony DeMott, Campaign for Liberty’s Michigan State Coordinator, gave a nice speech. Basically he tried to relate Mitt Romney’s positions on healthcare and a variety of other topics to Obama’s. He even mentioned McCain’s support of extraordinary rendition. He was making a good logical case against the neo-con brand of fascism. Funny that his time was cut short. That despite others before and after him having a lot more time than he did. Also funny was that the event was scheduled till 9PM, but was over by around 8:40. You do the math.

Bill Bigler another local Campaign for Liberty member gave a nice speech about how the Tea Party could basically become the Republican Party. Basically the idea is to become precinct delegates and then elect better party leadership. The idea being that the party has a fundraising apparatus and given the right people in charge, the right candidates could be funded. This strategy will take a long time to carry out, but it is something that needs to happen. It’s well past time to clean house.

There were several other speeches given, some good, some less good, from what I heard of them anyway. Frankly I was caught up in conversations for most of the time and didn’t really listen to the speeches much. I do know that Mike Bishop, the Michigan Senate Majority Leader spoke at the end. So much for Tea Parties avoiding politicians.

So that was the official agenda. Of course, that’s the less interesting part about these rallies. The more fun part was visiting with other people. I talked to a number of folks who were like-minded, got a few thumbs up on my Mises shirt, and tried to sell the one anti-war protester I saw on ending the central bank. In fact, I do this every time I see anti-war protesters. Most have not considered that angle and become interested in learning about the scam that is modern banking.

And that was that. I was home by 9:30 and in bed by 11:00. Not a bad evening.

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