The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and your Family” for June, 28, 2010

Michigan lawmakers continue Armando Galarraga tributes
Give me and the taxpaying citizens of Michigan serious representation! Oh that’s right we aren’t getting any! It’s a frigging game! More taxpayer time and money wasting when there are way more important issues facing the citizens of Michigan, Vote them all out for crying out loud!
Anti-Incumbent Rage Bypasses Arkansas, Hopefully not Michigan!
FOR THE SAKE OF MICHIGAN AND IT’S FUTURE DON’T LET IT BY-PASS MICHIGAN IN 2010! The anger against incumbents applies to both Democrats and Republicans heading into the August, 3, 2010 Primary and November, 2, 2010 General Election. If the incumbents win in the Primary contest, they most likely would win in the November election. Michigan cannot afford to send the same one’s back that have been in Lansing helping to create the mess we are in now! We absolutely need fresh faces, serious solutions, creative thinkers, and serious leadership! Vote for the challenger.
“Take Michigan Back” Turn Protests into Results this August 3rd & November 2nd 2010
Vote the failed incumbents out, vote for real citizen representation
The momentum is undeniable — from champion of freedom Rand Paul running away with the Kentucky GOP Senate primary to Tea Party favorite Mike Lee ousting Big Government RINO Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah — all over America voters are already casting ballots to reclaim our fading liberties.
Frenchtown establishes flood plain manager job
“More Big Government Burden on Taxpayers”
Well, they got their millage passed recently so why stop there? Frenchtown Township has created a flood plain manager position to assist more than 600 homeown­ers in the area who have flood insurance to improve or build homes. When will the citizenry wake up and put a stop to growing bigger government? How much more taxes can we afford? The prima­ry candidate for this job Annette Hopper, she already makes $25.68 an hour plus lucrative benefits as the planning administrator for the township. I’m sure a raise is in store for this new position? So in essence all pay for the benefit of those who live on the lake shore? All pay for the benefit of a few. This will assist more than 600 home owners, how many residents live in Frenchtown? The 2009 Frenchtown Township, MI, population is 21030 according to the latest census. I live right on a creek and do not pay flood plain insurance.
The story was published in the Monroe News by Dean Cousino on 06/04/2010.
Loss of high-wage, low-skill jobs hits reeling state hard
The trend away from high-wage jobs with low educational requirements accelerated during the recession in Michigan and the United States. The biggest job losses wracked industries that require little education and left those with higher educational requirements nearly untouched. State Senator Randy Richardville (R)
Monroe voted in favor to reduce high school graduation standards. This only continues the dumbing down of our children in public education. We as a society and parents should regret seeing this bill move forward. We should be encouraging the most from our children, not the minimum! Students would end up having a very shallow educational background and would be doomed to low wage and low skill jobs.
SBT verus MBT a Good Tax Gone Bad?
On June 28, 2007, the Michigan Legislature voted to create the Michigan Business Tax, a replacement for the Single Business Tax that had been dreaded for decades by businesses across the state. But on Dec. 1, 2007, just before the MBT took effect, the Legislature added a 22 percent surcharge to it, increasing the new tax’s annual bite against businesses by $614 million. The outrage regarding this second vote has been so substantial that it has obscured the very real animosity directed toward the creation of the MBT in the first place.
Jackson-based Consumers Energy told to expedite the process of refunding customers for overcharges
More than seven months after state regulators first ordered Consumers Energy to refund customers for raising its rates too much, money still hasn’t changed hands. Sen. Randy
Richardville voted in favor of this rate increase and also voted in favor of keeping out competition and continue the monopoly that Consumers Energy and DTE currently enjoy. A statement made in the Lansing State Journal by Rep. Frank Accavitti D-Eastpointe, and Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, in the LSJ on Sept. 7, 2008, as they defended the Legislature’s work to rewrite state energy law. The same legislation Accavitti and Richardville were defending last year also places limits on competition. No more than 10 percent of DTE’s or Consumers’ customers can get their power from competitor firms. For 90 percent of the market, it’s the big utility or bust.
Lights, camera, inaction for Allen Park’s Unity Studios
A movie producer promising 3,000 jobs and almost $150 million in investments. A downriver city eager to reinvent itself, and hungry for economic development. It seemed like a match made in Hollywood, but as Action News Investigator Heather Catallo tells us, this is a story that’s not following a script. The same can be said of the wasteful and failures of the Michigan Economic Development Corp., 21st Century Jobs Fund, Pure Michigan Advertisement Program, and a host of other failed policies of our Michigan Lawmakers.
Bedford votes to lay off 46 teachers
The Bedford Public Schools Board of Education voted to lay off 46 teachers during a special meeting Tuesday night. The district needs to cut $3.1 million from its 2010-11 budget. The citizens of Bedford need to realize that their Monroe Representative in Lansing (Senator Randy Richardville) voted in favor of cutting education. Tell him how you feel at the ballot box Aug. 3rd, 2010.
Lawmaker’s media registration bill met by backlash
(AP) — LANSING, Mich. – A state lawmaker’s proposed bill that would have reporters and columnists voluntarily register with the state so that readers, viewers and listeners can check their qualifications has been roundly criticized by traditional and new media outlets alike. The establishment career incumbent lawmakers have had free rein in what the press doesn’t report for so long when the citizens start paying attention and start reporting it they don’t like it! That’s all this bill is about. Many citizens are researching their elected officials through many factual places and putting it out for all to see. It’s called accountability and they just don’t like it!
Snuffing out business? One month into smoking ban, Muskegon-area bar and restaurant owners report mixed results
MUSKEGON — For some Muskegon-area bars, the first month of Michigan’s smoking ban has been dismal — causing the steepest plunge in business their managers can ever remember.
Health Care Reform:  Tax Hikes on the Way
The new health care reform law is chock-full of new taxes and tax increases that will affect many individuals and businesses, but it will be years before most of these hikes take a bite out of your — or your company’s — wallet. Beginning in 2014, the system changes.
Lots of Tax Hikes Coming in 2011
Tax increases will hit businesses and individuals, and don’t think for a minute that only the wealthy will feel the pain.
Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse
It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the nine states without an income tax are growing far faster and attracting more people than are the nine states with the highest income tax rates. People and businesses change the location of income based on incentives.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio letter to Reverand Al Sharpton
This is an excellent letter click the link below to read it!
American Ingenuity with NO Government Intervention
Two farmers…yes, not engineers or chemist, but two American farmers have come up with one of the most logical, simple solutions to the BP Oil Clean Up…with NO government intervention needed to come up with the solution!  Just awesome!
Marriage Penalty Hidden in Health Care Reform
Healthcare Reform Attacks Traditional Marriage, Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom has discovered that the new healthcare “reform” law contains an incentive for young adults not to marry. The results of which could be devastating to the traditional family. “What happens when young adults have to choose between marriage or healthcare insurance? That is the choice coming soon to a couple near you,” says Wendy Day, Director of Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom. In the first few pages the law indicates that adults, up to age 26, can remain on their parents healthcare insurance. The catch is that the individual must remained unmarried to receive the benefit.
Poll: That party at Manoogian Mansion in 2002 happened
Urban myth or not, a new poll suggests that most metro Detroiters believe there was a party at the Manoogian Mansion in 2002 at which former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, had an altercation with a stripper. The poll for Rossman Group and Perricone Group by Denno Noor of East Lansing found that 83% of likely general election voters in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties think the party happened, and just 6% think it didn’t. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.
Mike Cox stopped short of asking the Michigan Supreme Court for all records
Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox filed a legal brief seeking the release of secret documents related to corruption in Detroit. But Cox stopped short of asking the Michigan Supreme Court to release all of the records the newspaper is seeking. Hmm, wonder why that would be? Maybe he doesn’t want everything to come out?
Governor Chris Christie vs. Teachers Unions
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s
character, give him power.

Abraham Lincoln
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