The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and your Family” for July, 12, 2010

Richardville scores close to bottom for Key Senate votes
Americans for Prosperity releases their Legislative Scorecard for Michigan Legislators. The scorecard is based on key senate votes taken in the 2009-2010 legislative session. Both the House and Senate members were scored. Senator Randy Richardville scored a (C) grade for his votes during this time period. This falls in the bottom half of fellow Republicans in this report!  “The 17th Senate District deserves a Senator that can produce better than a mediocre grade when it comes to getting the government out of our wallets”!
Hangar42 deal exposed, subsidies for Michigan film production
The director of the Michigan Film Office agreed with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s report that exposed a suspect studio deal involving $10 million in tax subsidies. A state economic development system that rewards politicians for making jobs announcements, but does not hold them accountable when jobs fail to materialize is a perverse one. Words cost politicians nothing, but they can cost taxpayers everything.” Last week, on June 9, three weeks after the e-mail, the Michigan Film Office announced Lockwood’s retirement. I’ll give you just one guess who voted in favor of this subsidy, that’s right State Senator Randy Richardville! Hello taxpayers and voters how do you like him now? See how he voted in favor of this taxpayer subsidy  Can the voters of Monroe County, the 17th District, and the State of Michigan afford to continue sending the tax and spend elected representative such as this back to Lansing? I say NO!
Hoekstra: State has failed for years
Lansing needs adult supervision to turn Michigan’s economy around, usher in business and improve education, said U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Holland, who is running for governor. He cited the Michigan Business Tax and Michigan Surcharge Tax on businesses which he advocates getting rid of and what he said are extensive and confusing state regulatory rules as examples of things that discourage business investment, and should be a top priority in the new administration. What he doesn’t tell you is that his fellow Republicans including Senator Richardville of Monroe’s 17th District voted in favor of both! He also states that the burden should be shifted to the Michigan taxpayers in the form of higher sales tax to cover the loss! As a candidate who is challenging Senator Richardville for the State Senate seat here in the 17th District I would purpose eliminating some wasteful programs and governmental departments such as, Michigan Economic Development Authority, Michigan Film Producers Subsidies, and the 21st Century Jobs Fund that have all been complete failures just to mention a few! There are also a host of other failed entities that should be eliminated as well! Instead of the burden put on the backs of the taxpayers these savings could supply the funds instead of raising the current 6 percent sales tax.
P.A. 312 Reform A Hot Potato in Lansing!
Richardville stands behind his amendment to Public Act 312 which favors Union Institutional Interest. That is typical of the liberal left leaning Senator from Monroe. Richardville told MIRS that there is no problem with the bill as it stands which passed! I guess there wouldn’t be according to the SOS Campaign Finance website where a boat load of campaign contributions can be viewed from the Deputy Sheriff’s Union! If he wouldn’t have took the teeth out of Senator Bishop’s amendment that was handed to him.  Richardville also voted against an amendment offered by Sen. Bruce Patterson (R) 
2010 Senate Bill 1072 (Establish Union Benefit binding arbitrator standards) that would require the arbitrator to consider the financial ability of the community to pay and other general financial considerations when making their determinations. Senator Mike Bishop put together a “reform” proposal that would alter P.A. 312, to reduce healthcare benefits, lower pay by 5% and freeze it at that rate for 3 years. I guess the Unions Campaign Contributions and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association Democratic votes mean more than the citizens he is supposed to represent. Can you say Republican in name only?
Critics Shoot at Special Tax Deal for Super Speedway
Sen. Randy RICHARDVILLE (R) and Rep. Mark CORRIVEAU (D) attended the Daytona 500 this year as part of an effort to boost the notoriety of Michigan International Speedway (MIS). Richardville said the trip was paid in part by MIS, the International Speedway Corp. (ISC) that owns the MIS and other tracks, Condo accommodations were provided! (See “Panel OKs MIS Tax Credit,” 11/12/08).
Richardville and Democrat Buddy get Special Perks   subscription required
Senator Brown admits that it was a bad idea to vote for Bad Driver Fees
In 2003, during his first year in the Senate, Brown voted for the bad-driver fees. But now at the end of his last term in the Senate, he has introduced 2009 Senate Bill 127, which would repeal the two-year, $200 annual fee for driving without proof of insurance and a two-year, $150 annual fee for driving without proof of a driver license.
Richardville votes in favor of “driver responsibility fees”
To assess an annual $100 driver responsibility fee on individuals who accumulates seven or more points on their driving record within a two-year period. For each additional point above this amount an additional fee of $50 would be assessed. Higher fees would be assessed for certain very serious driving infractions, such as manslaughter, drunk driving, or fleeing police. In addition, a motorist who fails to produce his or her proof of insurance form when requested by a police officer would be assessed $300. This is one of many bills authorizing tax and fee increases proposed to close a gap between state spending and expected revenue. Here’s a novel idea: get rid of this onerous tax immediately and completely!  This was never about safety.  It was always just another money grab by the legislature. How about you folks start serving the public and stop robbing them.
Monroe News thinks 1812 license plate proposal has merit
The Monroe Evening News continues to promote Senator Richardville like they were part of his re-election committee! They have dragged their feet when it comes to publishing Letters to the Editor unfavorable to him by the citizens of Monroe! They also continue to give false credit to him such as being as co-sponsor of Bill’s such as this that shows only the sponsor Sen. Tom George. There are some questions about the proposal that might make it a risky proposition. First, designing and issuing the plates would cost the state about $15,000 at a time when legislators are grappling with formidable budget deficits. There’s nothing in the law that would provide for the state’s general fund to recoup the start-up cost essentially passing this on to the taxpayers. Plus there is NO direct benefit to the citizens of Monroe and the 17th District! This won’t help Get Michigan Out of the Woods economically!
Local Government Bankruptcies May Become Reality
With Michigan cities facing budget crises, many experts say the worst is yet to come, and some believe the state will begin to see municipal bankruptcies. Pressure from both the revenue and spending sides is creating the risky financial situations. Some say it may be the worst since the Great Depression. With the passing of Senate SB 245 (Appropriations: 2009-2010 General Government) on September 29, 2009. Revenue sharing cuts combined with a decline in property values and local income taxes is killing the ability of local governments to provide basic services. Our legislators including Senator Randy Richardville voted in favor of these cuts therefore passing the burden onto the local municipalities and their taxpayers! If that’s not bad enough, Senator Richardville also offered up an amendment to Public Act  312  which places even more of a burden on the already cash-strapped local municipalities and gives the benefit to union institutional interests over taxpaying citizens.
Smoking ban critics urge Michigan lottery boycott
Some restaurant, bar and private club owners are calling for a one-day boycott of some Michigan Lottery products to protest the state’s recently enacted smoking ban.
The Michigan Lottery says a business that refuses to sell games could be reviewed by lottery officials. So the Michigan Government is threatening businesses! Sounds like the old Nazi Germany style Gestapo tactics to me!
Richardville votes to subsidize battery makers; it’s your tax dollars!
Helps advance Obama agenda
Vice President Joe Biden will attend a groundbreaking event for a new battery plant in Michigan on Monday. In August, Biden announced in Michigan that the project had won a $161 million grant = (Your Tax Dollars) from the federal government to help build the facility. Most recently, on Dec. 31, 2009, Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed into law House Bill 5469, which expands a taxpayer subsidy for makers of electric car batteries. Two weeks earlier, overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate voted to approve the bill — only nine lawmakers out of 148 voted “no.” Senator Richardville voted in favor of these subsidies! See video John Stossel on free golf carts here – We expect and deserve better representation from our elected officials!
R. Al Bain comments on, Congressman grabs kid by the wrist and neck
We the “sheeple” in our representatives eyes are becoming a thorn in the power brokers side! Don’t be fooled, it’s at all levels of government local, county, state, and federal. It’s not just a Washington problem! The grassroots conservative “Tea Party” movement has ruffled their feathers and they are not to happy. Look at the Town Hall meetings and the names we were called because we dared to question their judgment. They have all lost sight of Civic Duty to the citizenry. It’s all about power, money, and re-election and has absolutely nothing to do with “We the People”! Vote em all out, the incumbents are the real problem! Local law enforcement would have been there on the spot to arrest someone at a Tea Party for such behavior! Just look at the Dingell townhall meeting for a perfect example! Oh but wait, Congressman Dingell is a role model and statesman in Senator Randy Richardville’s eyes!
Jackson Community College tuition to go up 5 percent, student service fees up 17.6 percent for Jackson County students next school year
With all the cuts coming out of the legislature and the burden put onto the education facilities in this state, one can only thank Senator Randy Richardville who voted in favor of these cuts in education.
Schultz Deflation Now, Hyperinflation Soon
Crash-predicting letter says recovery might not come until 2028
We (collectively) are poised at a heart-stopping moment in economic times. On the one extreme side, the world is on the edge of massive deflation and depression. At the other extreme … hyperinflation. My view is: Both these extremes are possible. Certainly deflation is, on balance, in play today and gaining ground as money supply is actually declining! Hyperinflation seems impossible when there is not much inflation in most economies. But … hyperinflation is a monetary event, not an economic one, and will happen on an overnight basis, not via a general uptrend in inflation data.
Reid Pushes NEW “Carbon Tax” By July
Reid will by-pass the existing Lieberman-Kerry bill pushed through the House by Pelosi because Reid knows he doesn’t have the support of Democrats on his own side, let alone GOP Senators, to get it done. Reid demanded “swift” action forcing Senate committees to finish their work on a massive comprehensive energy bill immediately.
Drivers urged to park, ride a bus on “Dump the Pump Day”
Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, The Detroit Department of Transportation, SMART, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and other agencies are advocating for this loss of state revenue in lost tax dollars in this promotion. Along with the subsidies this system takes from Michigan’s Road Funding Formula, this should just increase the severity of the roads here in Michigan in lost funding.
GOP is listening to what you say, NOT!
Another way of putting it might be: “We know you’re mad, and you’ve been mad at Republicans as much as Democrats along the way. We get it and we want you to make sure we change things.” More like, we will tell you what you want to hear as so you will give us your vote! Once these career establishment incumbents are re-elected by the “sheeple” it will be back to business as usual. My Republican Party has lost it’s way!
State’s jobless rate falls back to 13.6% in May
More propaganda from our State Leaders and the liberal media! This drop is only because of those unemployed that have exhausted their benefits period. I see many business buildings empty recently that once had a thriving business. Going out of business signs everywhere, and while talking to the local business community they are just hanging on. See just one example of this in the story below for it just doesn’t add up!
ECONOMY: Home construction, building permits fall in May
Home builders are sending a message: They won’t be able to contribute much to the economic recovery now that government home-buying incentives have vanished. What economic recovery? We haven’t even come close to a bottom yet and may not for several years to com!
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.
Samuel Adams
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