Week in review

Quote of the week

“[E]ven if genuine democracy—that is, supremacy of the majority will—were instituted in the developing world (an arduous task), creating liberal democracy is even harder. Avoiding tyranny of the majority by instilling respect for minority and human rights—that is, liberty—is even more important than adopting democracy.” – Ivan Eland

Termites in the Economy

by David Galland

“Termites came to mind yesterday while doing a quick pass through my email correspondence… much of it from you, dear readers. It seemed as though every third email had to do with some new regulation or new government agency started in order to pass some new regulation(s).

“Viewed in isolation, these manifestations of the professional meddling classes might be of little consequence. But when you step back and view them as the swarm they are, you can quickly see that the termite analogy is a good one. Subtly, these termites are eating away at the foundation of America.” more…

Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in “Online Infringement” Bill

by Richard Esguerra

“Senator Patrick Leahy yesterday introduced the ‘Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act’ (COICA). This flawed bill would allow the Attorney General and the Department of Justice to break the Internet one domain at a time — by requiring domain registrars/registries, ISPs, DNS providers, and others to block Internet users from reaching certain websites. The bill would also create two Internet blacklists. The first is a list of all the websites hit with a censorship court order from the Attorney General. The second, more worrying, blacklist is a list of domain names that the Department of Justice determines — without judicial review — are ‘dedicated to infringing activities.’ The bill only requires blocking for domains in the first list, but strongly suggests that domains on the second list should be blocked as well by providing legal immunity for Internet intermediaries and DNS operators who decide to block domains on the second blacklist as well. (It’s easy to predict that there will be tremendous pressure for Internet intermediaries of all stripes to block these “deemed infringing” sites on the second blacklist.)” more…

Economic Collapse Leading to Privatized Police and Corporate Mercenaries

by Eric Blair

“Pastor Terry Jones was recently sent a security bill of $180,000 by the local authorities for his ‘burn the Koran’ uproar. Pastor Jones is clearly another religious hack pushing hatred and division instead of love and peace, but he is still an American citizen with the right to protest and burn whatever book he wishes. His stunt was divisive and an obvious attempt to stir the pot, but for the police to charge a tax-paying citizen for securing an event that never happened is just, well, mind-boggling.” more…


Politics and Such


And now the numbers…

Or not… Actually just three things on that. First gold is up to almost $1300 and silver is ove $21. Silver especially is on a tear. Hope you have some… And despite the Bank of Japan’s manipulations, then Yen also continues to be quite strong.

So things are a little short this week because I’ve been away from home, and my computer. Doing the numbers is a manual process from other people’s computer and so I don’t do them when I’m away. They are always in this Google spreadsheet though. And that is up to date. Extracting and formatting that data is done with a little Python script, and I only have access to that when I’m at home. So that’s that. :)

Otherwise we’ve been in ABQ since Tuesday night, but it’s been all business for me. I’ve spent probably 30 hours working in those three days. That also explains my lateness here. This weekend is chalked full of kids birthday parties and then its back to Ann Arbor on Monday. Quite the busy schedule, and really it was set up as just a business trip, so all of this birthday party stuff was quite the pleasant surprise.

Not much else going on. Had to skip a class to get out here, and then as luck had it the professor had to cancel class for a week, two weeks from now and one of the make up classes was yesterday. So that means I skipped two classes. But the material, at least for now, is largely a review of things I’ve already studied.

I also left my sunglasses at TGI Friday in the Detroit Airport. No good on that… There is some off chance I will get them back.

Anyway, I suppose I’ve blabbered enough. Have a nice weekend!

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