The “Bain Report”: Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, March, 21, 2011

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Opinion: By R. Al Bain
College leaders; U-M President Mary Sue Coleman, Oakland University President Gary Russi, and Ferris State University President David Eislerwere were in Lansing speaking before a state House subcommittee hearing on public university budgets say “no more cuts” stated their case.
The “overpaid” president of the University of Michigan Mary Sue Coleman was in Lansing crying foul with the proposed $47-million cuts it is expected to receive in state aid next year. She was speaking outside a state House subcommittee hearing on public university budgets, declined to say whether the university will raise tuition to make up for the cuts. She said that decision is under consideration (is this statement a threat)?
Coleman said, “We’ve shown great discipline in our fiscal management. In all our cost-containment measures we protect our core mission: academics and research.” Missing from her statements was the exorbitant contract extension with raise she received to the tune of $800,000.00 plus another $100,000.00 when she leaves! Also Bloomberg Businessweek did an interesting article on the Highest-Paid Presidents of Public Universities where Mary Sue Coleman was the fifth highest paid president in the nation which list her package before her latest contract extension! Taxpayers should be outraged!
While the public doesn’t like Snyder’s plan to cut K-12 school district funding, it agrees with his proposal to cut funding to the state’s public universities by 15% — 51% say they support it. Why not cut the sports budget? We all love sports but shouldn’t education be the top priority? Why doesn’t she cut the coaching staff’s salary in half, cut the money the school spends on sports or dig into the $6 billion endowment fund to come up with the cash needed to fund education?

Firefighters or Mitch Albom’s Movie Subsidy?
The Mackinac Center has long been critical of these types of programs, based on two exhaustive studies. (The most recent study was completed in 2009.) The Center’s conclusions were reinforced by a state audit conducted in 2010, a recent Senate Fiscal Agency analysis, and a study from the Upjohn Institute. Because of the government-offered handouts, it appears that a core government service that protects citizens firefighting may be sacrificed due to the pipe dream of luring Hollywood to Allen Park and other locals around the state.

Pure Spending — GOP Finds More for Tourism Subsidies
Republicans scored significant electoral gains last November by promising to rein in runaway spending and put state government’s fiscal house in order. Yet in an early spending vote, the Michigan Legislature — now decisively under GOP control — voted overwhelmingly to increase the cost of a government tourism industry subsidy by 65 percent above what had already been allocated for the year. New GOP Gov. Rick Snyder asked for the increased spending, and the bill awaits his signature. “The people elected us to save money, not spend more,” noted state Rep. Dave Agema of Grandville, one of the House Republicans to vote against the bill. What happened to the day’s of picking winners and losers in the business community was over? The benefits to this private industry by the taxpayers is unconscionable!

Should Michigan Taxpayers Spend More on Tourism Industry Subsidies?
Introduced in the House on January 27, 2011, to authorize spending a total of $20 million from the “21st Century Jobs Fund” business subsidy program to pay for promotional subsidies for the tourism industry (“Pure Michigan” ads) this year, in addition to $5.4 million from another source. In effect, the bill adds another $10 million to what’s already been committed to this private industry that doesn’t see fit to fund it themselves! Click the link below to see how your representative voted.

In 2011 it’s more of the same old “Failed Subsidies” in the Michigan Legislature
Senate Bill 144, Expand 21st Century Jobs Fund corporate subsidies, passed 36 to 0 in the Senate To authorize “21st Century Jobs Fund” business subsidies in the form of cash grants and loans for certain information technology and agricultural processing firms selected by state “economic development” officials. Here we go again! This program must and should be eliminated as to cut the size and scope of Michigan government! It’s just a favorite piggy-bank of our elected officials in Lansing and a burden to the taxpayers. Why can’t we have our state government focused upon providing essential services?  Is taxing our population in order to give preferential aid to certain industries with funds dispersed by a small group of state “economic development” officials really going to make us more competitive in a global economy? I think NOT! If we keep electing the same ones over and over expecting a different result we deserve what we get!

A Morally Bankrupt Budget Proposal here in Michigan
Gov. Rick Snyder has announced his proposals for dealing with the state’s budget crisis and, predictably, there is plenty of pain to spread around. The big question, though, is whether that pain is spread fairly. I don’t think so. The word pain means a “TAX HIKE” on those that are still fortunately working! Cuts in education, eliminating the earned income tax credit, and oh yes, more cuts in revenue sharing payments to local governments where reports are coming in that local municipalities are seeking tax increases so they could continue to afford such luxuries as police and fire protection. Don’t you just love it when our politicians get creative with new words to describe a tax increase such as pain, fee, surcharge, and millage just to name a few?

Michigan DHS Finishes Off Forced Unionization Experiment
After repeated efforts to kill it in the Legislature and in court, the “stealth unionization” movement in Michigan was knocked down decisively on Tuesday when the Michigan Department of Human Services put an end to the Michigan Home Based Child Care Council. DHS Director Maura Corrigan, recently appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder, said the department will no longer fund the MHBCCC or collect union dues from child care providers

Why not let Moroun expand his bridge?
I can’t figure out why we just don’t let Matty Moroun expand his bridge. I don’t understand why our new governor, who I think is the best example of entrepreneurism around, wants to substitute public money for private investment – even if the public dollars are coming from Canada and he’s leveraging them to get more federal road dollars into Michigan. It’s all public money.

The Political Economy of Government Employee Unions
The main reason so many state and local governments are bankrupt, or on the verge of bankruptcy, is the combination of government-run monopolies and government-employee unions. Government-employee unions have vastly more power than do private-sector unions because the entities they work for are typically monopolies.

Proposed Planned Parenthood Clinic Draws Protests
On Monday, the group and other abortion opponents presented the Auburn Hills City Council with a petition they said contains 10,850 signatures, mostly from those outside Auburn Hills, who, as written, “voice our opposition to the establishment of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility.”

Home Values Headed for a Double Dip
Recently, a number of economists and prognosticators projected a  housing market double-dip, essentially cautioning Americans that the apparent recovery in home prices during 2010 was temporary, and that prices are again on the decline and approaching their 2009 trough. These predictions seem more likely than ever to come true, in light of the housing data reports that came out last week.

The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin!
Mark Twain


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