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Opinion: By R. Al Bain
The real problem with public employee unions, they work for monopolies, and their bosses have given them the keys to the candy store by giving them, not voters the power to tax. 

Loyola University economics professor, Tom DiLorenzo said he once described this system to a class of his and to one of his students, who was from the Republic of China, the student said it sounds like communism. And he was right. It’s a government-run monopoly.  If the employees of a grocery store go on strike, we can buy groceries somewhere else. The owner of the store can hire replacement workers.

But when the teachers go on strike or the garbage collectors, since they work for a monopoly, they have the ability to shut everything down, for who knows how long? Wisconsin teachers calling in sick to protest come to mind here! That is what gives them so much clout and so much power. And it allows them to transfer the power to tax from the taxpayers to the government employee unions because they have so much leverage with the strike threat as employees of a monopoly.

Democrat and Republican politicians both past and present have contributed to this problem with favorable legislation that has giving more power to this monopoly of public unions by their legislative actions. With public unions and their lobbyist contributing to the campaigns of these politicians along with other special interest groups this is a real problem for the taxpayers. The fact of the matter is that we elect politicians to represent us, then, they become beholding to these public unions and special interest groups!

I received a phone call from Michigan State Senator Republican Randy Richardville in October of 2009 on an unrelated issue in which I asked him why was he taking campaign donations from Democratic Unions. His response was that I didn’t understand how the political process worked. He stated that large organizations such as these unions donate to politician’s campaigns because they want a say in public policy. In which I replied, so the common workingman, his constituents who elected him as their representative and didn’t have the resources to contribute to his political campaign then they didn’t have a say in public policy. His response to me was not necessarily! What kind of answer is that I asked in which he couldn’t respond only to downplay the question?  

A good example of this problem is back in 1969 when a young Democrat Senator by the name of Coleman Young of Detroit introduced legislation that became law, Public Act 312 as payment made for services rendered in helping him to get elected to office by the Police and Firefighters Union for contributions and support they made to his campaign. Then in 2010 Republican Senator Randy Richardville introduced Senate Bill 1072 which would further enhance this government-run monopoly law to the detriment of the local municipalities and the taxpayers of this once great State of Michigan in the form of collective bargaining. This just proves that Democrats and Republicans are just the opposite side of the same coin! It’s all about them, not We the People (THE TAXPAYERS)!

Michigan Jobless Figures Spike in January
Oh but Congressman John Dingell paints a rosy picture telling The Monroe Chamber of Commerce March, 23, 2011 the economy is on the upswing. First-time jobless claims spiked by 26,000 the week ending March 5. Last week, 397,000 people filed initial claims compared to the prior week’s revised figure of 371,000. the Michigan jobless figure spiked and that unemployment rose in most areas of Michigan in January, with Monroe posting one of the largest increases in the state at 11.9 percent, up from 10.6 percent. Michigan’s overall unemployment rate was 11.3 per­cent while the national rate was around 9 percent. How much longer will the citizens, voters, and this Chamber fall for this bull from Mr. Dingell and other politcians like his good buddy from Monroe Senator Randy Richardville who fed the same Chamber in April 2010 political spin for the dire straights facing Michigan by putting the blame on his fellow legislators like he hasn’t been part of the problem? We citizens deserve what we get when we continue to vote these self serving type of so called representatives into office!

Michigan’s Rising Gas, Food Prices to Hurt Consumers
Americans are now paying 29 cents more for a gallon of gas than when the Libyan crisis started, an increase of about 10 percent. That means an extra $108 million a day goes towards gas instead of other discretionary purchases. Food costs have risen 2.3% over the last 12 months the fastest pace since May 2009. The cost of corn and wheat, for example, recently spiked to a two-year high, and sugar prices have climbed to their loftiest level in three decades. The impact of higher prices on the household budget would be up to $200 a month if gasoline and food prices continue to rise. All signs indicate that inflation is beginning to heat up as well.

February New Home Sales Plunged to Slowest Pace in 50 Years
New-home sales fell 16.9% last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 250,000 homes, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. It’s the third-straight monthly decline and far below the 700,000-a-year pace that economists view as healthy. The median price of a new home dropped nearly 14% to $202,100, the lowest since December 2003.

U.S. February Existing Home Sales Fall
Sales of U.S. previously owned homes dropped more than forecast in February and the median purchase price declined to the lowest since the same month in 2002, indicating the housing market is struggling to recover.

Dingell: Michigan Economy is Recovering and Auto Industry back on track
What planet is this guy on? This is just all the more reason that he must and should be replaced as a representative! He said the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created or saved 102,000 jobs in Michigan (unemployment just went up), paved more than 2,200 miles of roads, fixed 38 bridges, helped more than 250,000 students enter or continue college, and saved thousands of police, firefighter and teacher jobs. You have got to be kidding me has anyone else driven on our roads? Wait till spring! The Michigan Department of Transportation just canceled the widening of Telegraph in Flat Rock yet again because they say there’s no money. Municipalities are laying off police and firefighters left and right with more on the way. Several municipalities are on the verge of bankruptcy while others are broke. Our elected officials are so out of touch with the common working man and their families especially this one.

What Has America Become?
This letter to the editor is right on spot! The author does an excellent job of explaining why we as a people and country are where we are now, a must read!

How Are Your Tax Dollars Supporting Mosque Makeovers?
Is this coming to a city near you like Dearbornistan? How outrageous is this? How Are Your Tax Dollars Supporting Mosque Makeovers? If there was ever a reason to be upset with our federal government’s waste of U.S. taxpayer dollars, this has to be very near the top! Justin Farmer reports from WSBTV Atlanta.

Detroit’s population falls 25%, Bing wants recount
Michigan was the only state to lose population in the decade, falling 54,000 to 9,883,640. Wayne County as a whole lost more than 11 percent of its population. Census figures released Tuesday pegged Motown’s population at 713,777 its lowest population in a century. Detroit loses more than stature. The depopulation the equivalent of a busload of Detroiters leaving the city every day for 10 years means the city will lose millions in state funds. It likely will lose Senate and House seats in Lansing in the redistricting process. This is yet another reason why our tax dollars should not be wasted on the proposed light rail system along the Woodward corridor and we have our esteemed U.S. Sen. Carl Levin to thank for this. We as citizens of Michigan are loosing basic services our roads and bridges are in disarray and this is the type of representation we get from Mr. Levin?—Bing-wants-recount

Southeast Michigan Home Prices Lowest since 1994
Metro Detroit home prices remain the most depressed in America, according to data released Tuesday. Southeast Michigan is far from alone in having depressed home prices, but its descent has been more dramatic. Home prices nationwide were down in January for the sixth consecutive month, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Prices Indices released Tuesday.

Peace, Commerce and Honest Friendship with all Nations; entangling alliances with none.
Thomas Jefferson


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