Ron Paul Wins in Iowa: Big Media Out to Lunch

Given the coverage by the MSM it would be almost impossible to know that Ron Paul came in 2nd in the Iowa Straw Poll, finishing behind Michelle Bachman by a mere 192 votes, and outdoing 3rd place finisher Tim Pawlenty by over 2000 votes or about 100%. The Huffington Post has the numbers here.

David Franke makes a good argument for why Ron Paul was, in fact, the real winner, mainly because Bachman’s regional appeal and the perfect mix of positive and negative media coverage should have given her much more than a 1% advantage over Paul.

Meanwhile, Jack Kenny, at the New American analyzes big print media’s coverage of the straw poll results, focusing on the usual suspects, WaPo, NYT, etc. Activist Post sets the Reuters coverage ablaze and in doing so provides a nice critique of Rick (I like TSA molestation) Perry. If you deal with some extreme vitriol I invite you to check out Howard Kunstlers’s latest column entitled “High Corn“.

These are the papers of record, right? At least in name, which calls into question whether these people in big media are merely incompetent or whether they are simply propagandists. Of course, most of us have already made up our minds and this incident only confirms how corrupt the Government-Financial-Media-War Complex is.

Finally if you click on no other link, check out Jon Stewart’s coverage. It’s quite telling, very humorous, and gives a good run down of how big TV media covered the results.

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