The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, October, 31, 2011

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Opinion By R. Al Bain
“Snyder’s Road Fee “TAX” Proposal Bad Idea for Taxpayers”
We all need to “share” in the “sacrifice” for our state including our elected officials. So I say, make our legislature part-time and allocate the savings to the roads and bridges. That would be way more money than the current proposal. The burden of overtaxing the citizenry has to stop. How creative are our politicians in Lansing when they use words like fee, surcharge, millage, as to describe a “TAX HIKE”?

On October 20, 2009, the Senate passed House Bill 5073, Senate Roll Call 540 to transfer road tax money to other purposes. This reduced the amount of infrastructure project spending from the transportation economic development fund by $12 million in the Fiscal Year that ended Sept. 30, 2009, and another $12 million in the next fiscal year of 2010. The vote was 37 in favor, 0 against! This is where the money will go from this latest proposal.

At least one true conservative representative of the citizens of Michigan, Rep. David Agema (R) offered an Amendment on October 27, 2009, as to not divert the money from road projects to other state spending. The amendment failed by voice vote in the House on October 27, 2009. This is yet another reason for “voice votes” to be entered into the legislative journal so the citizens can see who voted. Currently voice votes are a mystery to the citizens for they are not required to be entered into the journal.

Michigan Legislators Wrong on Film Subsidy’s: Box Office Numbers Depressed
Not only is it wrong for taxpayers to subsidize the Movie Industry with Film Producer subsides, box office numbers are way down and the once thriving movie theaters are closing there doors at an alarming rate. The web site dedicated to everything about movies has stated as much. I’m really concerned about how soft things are,” a panicked and unnamed longtime studio executive told Nikki Finke about the depressed box office numbers. I’m sitting here looking at grosses and I’m concerned for the industry. With this being said why would Michigan legislators even consider raising the film producer subsidy from the current $25 million cap to $100 million? They should be actively consider eliminating it in it’s entirety in the best interest of Michigan taxpayers.

Should Michigan Taxpayers Have Been Forced to Spend $30 Million on ‘Iron Man 3’
While Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, implied Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration made a mistake in losing Iron Man 3, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s James Hohman says politicians should have much higher priorities for state tax dollars. Sen. Richardville also said negotiations for film tax incentives were ongoing to bring a Steven Spielberg movie to Michigan.

The taxpayers of Michigan are the winners by not getting this movie! Senator Richardville’s name appears 7 times in an article in regard to not getting the “Iron Man 3” movie along with the names of the movies producers who have been lobbying him! They took him to the Emmy’s this year with an all expenses paid trip. Richardville is making the Republicans look bad with his comments. With his statements in this article looks to me like pandering to the Democrats and the Unions if you read the comments! Why has he become the spokesperson for the Michigan Film Office? Is it because of the lobbying by these movie producers, campaign donations by them, or even some sort of kickback or promise of help in the future as to further his political career? You make the call!

Is Steven Spielberg Coming to Michigan for Filming?
The possibility was mentioned by Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) during an interview this week with WXYT-AM (1270) host Charlie Langton. Richardville stated after the Bridge “NO VOTE” that he was moving on stating we have more important business! It would appear that Senate Bill 569 which Richardville introduced on July, 13, 2011 to revise the state film incentive program is now his top priority, converting it into a straightforward subsidy program rather than an indirect one, with awards of up to 30 percent of the expenses a film producer incurs in Michigan. Reportedly the bill’s sponsor wants to increase the subsidies from $25 million already appropriated in 2012 to $100 million annually.

This bill hasn’t even gotten out of committee and Richardville was quoted by WWJ-TV as saying that negotiations with Governor Rick Snyder’s administration to base the production in Michigan. What’s there to negotiate there is supposed to be a $25 million cap of this taxpayer funded subsidy! According to the Michigan Film Office of Michigan the taxpayer pot for this subsidy is about dry. That’s why the film “Iron Man 3” left for another state willing to spend more of the taxpayers money on yet another wasteful program. We sure have a “Dandy” in Randy as our so-called leader in the Republican controlled senate don’t we?

The Bridge and Film Producer subsidy’s are nothing more than a continuation of former Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm’s agenda and not Republican principled! We have all seen the video “Government Gone Wild” maybe his movie producer buddies can make one called “Politician Gone Wild With Taxpayer Monies” staring Senator Randy Richardville in the lead. How much more damage can this guy do before he is term limited in 2014? The script is still being written!

Robert Ficano, Turkia Mullin and the Tooth Fairy
This whole corruption is costing not only Detroit and Wayne County in tax dollars but all the citizens of Michigan as well! This is local, county, state, and federal tax dollars directly and indirectly. This article explains how this circle of corruption works and just some of the players. What the article doesn’t explain is how the players in Lansing play a major role!

Ficano Suspends Plan that Paid Political Appointees to Quit
Only because he got caught with his hand in the taxpayer cookie jar! Let’s see, first he defends the severance deal, then after talking to Turkia Mullin with the heat on, it’s supposedly getting returned. Why defend it in the first place? The call to end the severance program came a day after the FBI served subpoenas on Wednesday at Wayne County offices at the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit. Among other things, the FBI is investigating a $200,000 severance to former economic development director Turkia Mullin and a nonprofit connected to her that paid her a $75,000 bonus. Ficano and many other political figures here in Michigan were all groomed by the corrupt Coleman Young,  Edward (Fast Eddie) McNamara machine! Those two may be gone but the corruption lives on.–Government-is-in-%C3%ABcrisis%C3%AD-amid-new-severance-disclosure

Sun Not Shining on State Solar Subsidies
In 2009, then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm touted the $725 million Wixom renewable energy park project as “symbolic for Michigan in what we’re going to become.” The new solar power companies were supposed to create 4,000 jobs in a closed auto assembly plant and provide a vivid example of Michigan’s economic transition from automobiles to green energy. In return the state approved a $100 million tax credit. Energy Conversion Devices and United Solar Ovonics are affiliated companies that have been approved for state tax credits for four different projects that were supposed to add about 5,700 jobs. Both companies announced layoffs this year. But, they received the taxpayers money and no 4,000 jobs!

Consumers Most Negative on U.S. Economy Outlook Since Recession
The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index’s monthly expectations gauge dropped to minus 45, the worst reading since February 2009. A volatile stock market, little hiring and a lack of wage gains are souring Americans’ moods, raising the risk that the consumer spending that accounts for 70 percent of the economy will slump. The report is indicative of the sour mood of the American public. The American public now expect economic conditions to deteriorate further.

Liberal Mitt’s Greatest Hits: What Romney Doesn’t Want You to See
Strange how he says almost the opposite of each thing now. Very strange. Romney is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens!!!! Romney also believes in the man made global warming hoax. Wake up Republicans, you’re about elect a RINO, Big Time.

GOP Risks Tea Party Revolt with Romney Candidacy
The GOP could face a revolt from within its “Tea Party” grassroots base if it nominates an establishment candidate without true conservative, anti-big government values. It’s a real possibility because the tea party folks and the Republican conservatives and social conservatives and others are very apprehensive of Mitt Romney and they don’t feel he is really one of them!

Medicare Premiums Set to Go Up! Per ObamaCare!
The per person Medicare insurance premium will increase from the present monthly fee of $96.40, rising to: $104.20 in 2012; $120.20 in 2013; And $247.00 in 2014. These are provisions incorporated in the Obamacare legislation, purposely delayed so as not to ‘confuse’ the 2012 re-election campaigns. Send this to all seniors that you know, so they will know who’s throwing them under the bus. REMEMBER THIS IN NOVEMBER 2012 & VOTE!

“It is rare that the public sentiment decides immorally or unwisely, and the individual who differs from it ought to distrust and examine well his own opinion.”
Thomas Jefferson

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