The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, November, 7, 2011

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Opinion By R. Al Bain
Will our elected officials ever wake up to the fact that the size and scope of all governments and the failed programs, whether it be at the local, state, or federal level’s must be and should be downsized and eliminated. Personally I don’t think they will until we as a voting public stop electing politicians who do not adhere to our wishes. We have tried over the years and continue to elect these same one’s into office expecting a different result that’s just not going to happen.

We have the Bridge issue that is not dead by any stretch of the imagination, the Movie Producer subsidy’s along with many others. Here in Monroe County the township of Bedford continues to push for a separate road tax for their residents when they have clearly baulked at the idea. What happens if the good Governor gets his proposed vehicle registration fee “TAX” and a revamp of the gas “TAX” which will not benefit the motorist and you can take that to the bank! If it was in our best interest they wouldn’t propose it.

So if this latest proposal goes through along with the separate road taxes for townships, cities, and counties and the wholesale price of gas goes up, which we know they will, you better hold onto your wallets because I see a boat load of new taxes on the horizon for Michigan’s taxpayer’s.

This can all be solved without these heavy burdens of extra taxation bestowed onto the taxpayers of Michigan by cutting out failed government programs, a part-time legislature, and making sure the tax dollars allocated for roads are spent for roads and not diverted for other state spending such as on October 20, 2009, the Senate passed House Bill 5073, Senate Roll Call 539 to transfer road tax money to other purposes.

This reduced the amount of infrastructure project spending from the transportation economic development fund by $12 million in the Fiscal Year that ended Sept. 30, 2009, and another $12 million in the next fiscal year of 2010. The vote was 37 in favor, 0 against! This is where the money will go from this latest proposal.
It’s the same old “shell games” being played over and over by our politicians in Lansing at the expense of the taxpayers.

Canada’s Federal Government Assail’s Michigan Bridge Vote
Federal transportation minister Denis Lebel has already spoken with Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder and confirmed the bridge project remains a top priority for the state’s leader despite the setback. What part of “NO” does the nerd not understand? Mark Butler, a spokesman for Transport Canada said, “The minister will be meeting with Governor Snyder in Ottawa in the near future to discuss the next steps for the project.” There have also been suggestions Senate Majority Floor Leader Randy Richardville (R – Monroe), who also supports the project, may take control by moving a new bill to his own senate government operations committee of which he is chairman.

New Detroit-Windsor Bridge May Not Need Legislative Approval
Yogi Berra said it best, it ain’t over till it’s over! Lt. Governor Brian Calley was quoted as saying that there are other ways to authorize the construction of a new bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, in the event the Legislature does not pass the bills the Snyder administration has proposed. He also stated publicly that “This Bridge will Happen”.

The Value of Movie Tax Incentives or the Lack there of!
Michigan’s dire economy and generous film incentives make it an extreme case. Report showed the benefit provided almost no net income for the state. The state slashed spending on corrections, education and human services. At the same time, it doled out tens of millions of dollars in tax credits–$48 million in 2008, $68 million in 2009 and an estimated $155 million in fiscal 2011.

Allen Park Deficit Reduction Plan Passed, Layoffs Pending
Is this a look at our future here in Michigan with a majority of our municipalities in the state? It may very well be. Although Allen Park made a huge error in judgement severely over paying for a piece of property by millions of taxpayer dollars as to house a movie studio in the hope of creating much needed jobs and boosting it’s revenue coffers, with this economic climate many other communities will face a similar fate.

State of Michigan Looks at Pop Tax
Ronald Reagan was once quoted on taxation that the Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. Here in Michigan with our budget deficits we can subsidize Hollywood Producers, Michigan International Speedway, Tourism Industry, Green Energy, Electric Car Battery Manufactures, and a host of other private industry’s that have proven to be complete and total failures for return on investment to the taxpayers. So what do our glorious legislators come up with? A “TAX” on pop as a possible budget fix!

Whirlpool Corp. to Eliminate More than 5,000 Jobs
The Benton Harbor, Mich., company, whose brands include Amana, KitchenAid and Maytag, has struggled to increase U.S. sales and profit against persistently high unemployment, tight credit conditions and falling real estate values that have left consumers reluctant to make investments in their homes.

Economists Bleak about US Economy
Fewer U.S. companies expect to hire new workers in coming months, as business economists grow increasingly pessimistic about the overall economy’s growth in the coming year. Nearly 85 percent of economic experts surveyed expect the economy to grow at a meager 2 percent or less over the next 12 months, according to the National Association for Business Economists. In July only 23 percent of the survey’s respondents predicted such slow growth.

State Lawmakers Are Making Sure You Can’t Repeal Their Laws
In Michigan, voters are allowed to overturn laws they don’t like. This is how it works: you try and get enough signatures to get a referendum to repeal the law on a ballot. If a majority of voters vote against the law… it’s repealed. But there’s a catch: laws that have appropriations attached to them cannot be repealed by voters. Just this week, Michigan Radio reported on a proposal that would drastically alter the state’s no-fault auto insurance law. The House proposal includes a $50,000 appropriation that protects the measure from a voter-led ballot initiative. This is the fourth time this year Republican lawmakers at the state Capitol have added appropriations to a controversial bill to keep it referendum-proof. If you’re a voter who does not think that anything the legislature does should ever be challenged, I guess you would consider [this] not too terribly important. But, if you do think that [the right to vote against a law in a referendum] should be preserved… then you might find the whole thing to be a little devious.

Will Dropouts Save America?
The writer’s observation is SPOT ON!! We’ve been sold the idea that college education is for everyone who can afford it. Well, now we have a nation with over $1 Trillion in student loan debt that most likely the majority will never be repaid; and the dropouts and self-educated will be forced to pay it through higher taxes and inflation. We diluted our manufacturing talent and the idea of apprenticeship. Once again, Federal intervention in education has failed miserably.

FOX 2’s Charlie LeDuff Digs into Turkia Mullin’s Past
Charlie LeDuff has been doing some digging into Mullin’s past and discovered some problems that could come back to haunt her. He’s also learned that the feds have been investigating Robert Ficano, his friends and honeypot contracts in Wayne County for over two years. Click on the video player to watch his report.

There are two way’s to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword, the other is by debt.
John Adams

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