The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, January, 2, 2012

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Opinion by R Al Bain

The recent letter to the editor I sent in “Road money given to non-transportation funds” published on Tuesday, December, 20, 2011 in the Monroe Evening News has received a very positive response from both citizens and local elected officials alike here in Monroe County. I find it interesting that on the day after Christmas in the same newspaper an article under “other viewpoints” by State Senator Randy Richardville “Senate progresses toward a better Michigan” appears to be damage control related to the letter to the editor that was published where his actions were mentioned as examples!

Senate “progressives move” would have been better words in his title. While he touted all the wonderful accomplishments made by himself and his Senate colleagues, he failed to mention the negative impact of those actions on the very citizens they were elected to represent. In all fairness there have been a few changes made that may prove beneficial to the citizens but many of the changes have not and will not be in the best interest of the citizenry. The business tax reforms was a good idea except they did it on the backs of the taxpayers instead of reducing the size and scope of state government. They voted to cut the Cadillac benefit plan for lawmakers but excluded 36 out of 38 in the Senate.

A further analysis of the good Senator’s “other viewpoints” piece was the fact that it was not mentioned that pensions would now be taxed laying a extra tax burden upon those retirees including Seniors who are on fixed incomes. Had they known at the beginning of their working lives they would be taxed they could have planned for it. The new emergency manager law where the state can come in and eliminate the voters choice of representation. Cutting local revenue sharing to municipalities that will ultimately require communities to raise taxes for services they now receive including fire and police.

The practice of picking winners and losers in the business community here in Michigan is alive and well with legislation passed to boost tourism. This should be left to the tourism industry not with taxpayer monies that would be better spent on roads and infrastructure. Subsidizing the Pure Michigan Advertising Campaign, Film Producers, and least we forget Michigan International Speedway to the tune of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars just to mention a few is an affront to Michigan Taxpayers.

Michigan Political Payback Legislation Signed into Law

The Grinch could not steal Christmas, but our Legislature stole from Michigan taxpayers with Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville getting his Christmas wish early when Governor Rick Snyder signed his film subsidy Bill SB 569 into law Thursday. This is just plain bad policy for the Taxpayers of Michigan and nothing more than political payback to Richardville by the governor for introducing the “New Bridge” legislation when no other legislator would. It has been well documented here in Michigan and other states as well that this is a failed policy with several states eliminating this subsidy in it’s entirety. This is all about Richardville and paying back his film producer buddies for campaign contributions and lavish trips such as to the Emmy’s in Hollywood. And the winner is, The Film Producers with the Taxpayers of Michigan the losers!

Republican Senate Majority Leader Resigns Over Alleged Affair

So much for the principles, traditions, and values that the Republican Party was founded upon. Far to many Republicans in name only (RINOS) that do not adhere to family morals and values today. The moral fabric of our county is in the tank along with some within the Republican Party. While it’s not just Republicans, this is disturbing for a Party that is supposed to value the family union of marriage as a core part of the party’s platform.

Next Up, Subsidies for Michigan’s Snow Sports Industry?

With our legislators in Lansing feeling compelled to picking winners and losers in the business community as to subsidize with our tax dollars such private business as Film Producers, Michigan International Speedway, Pure Michigan Advertising Campaign, and others will they come to the rescue of the Snow Sports industry as well? Ski resorts are closed. Snowshoe and snowmobile outfitters are hurting. Motels, bars and restaurants near cross-country ski trails and ski resorts are nearly empty. The economic impact of winter travel in the state is $4 billion annually, which represents 23.3% of the $17.2-billion travel and tourism spending in the state, according to Travel Michigan’s 2010 data. Some of these businesses are down anywhere from 50% to 90%. Maybe we should just subsidize mother nature while we’re at it!

Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots!

It’s no wonder our moderate left leaning Republicans here in Michigan are supporting the Massachusetts Moderate Mitt Romney. In a recent interview Romney embraced the individual health-care mandate he helped establish in Massachusetts, calling it the “conservative” option. Somebody needs to put the definition of conservative right in his face!  Also, he responded to the flip-flop charge by noting that he’s become more conservative over the years. Yeah right. Sounds like a certain political leader in Lansing who said he has become more conservative because that is what his constituents wanted. I say the definition to these types of so called Republicans is which ever way the wind blows as to advance their political careers.

Michigan DNR Chief Makes Communist Statement

In a recent Detroit Free Press article by Eric Sharp, Wolves Create a Stir, Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife chief Russ Mason made the following statement,  “People tend to see the places they hunt as their land, even if it belongs to the government.” America’s founders realized that land is the source of wealth, and drafted the Constitution to ensure that the land would remain in the hands of the people. The poorest people on the planet are landless, and most live where government owns the land, or controls it use. There is no justification for the federal government to own land beyond that authorized by the Constitution. The private sector, and locally elected officials, can provide all the protection and prosperity the people desire. This gluttonous acquisition of land by government is clear evidence of the growing influence of “socialist philosophy” in America. Without the land, the people become no more than tenants, subject to the whims of the ruling party. The vision of a pristine, pre-Columbian America is trumping the vision of our founders, of a nation where free people could be free forever, assured of the right to prosper from the use of their own property. I truly believe that this gentleman needs a refresher course on civics and his position as wildlife chief reassessed. When we as a citizenry have to contend with incompetent individuals running our governmental departments with statements such as Mr. Mason’s in this article, Houston we have a problem! Our government was instituted by the people, for the people, and our government doesn’t own anything, If not for the money by the people through taxation our government would not exist. I find his statement appalling and incompetent. The bottom line is that it’s the people’s land not the governments!

Sears Is Closing 120 Stores, What Retailer Will Be Next?

This may be the first retailer to say it’s closing stores post holiday season, but it certainly won’t be the last as 2012 will most certainly shake up the retail world. To be clear, Sears Holdings, Kmart and Sears’ parent company, isn’t declaring bankruptcy. It’s announcing store closures, but it certainly doesn’t bode well.

What Does Scott Brown and Mitt Romney Have in Common?

Both “New Deal Republicans” One thing I can agree with Newt Gingrich about Mitt Romney is he’s a Massachusetts moderate at best. Remember when Republican Scott Brown won a major upset victory in the 2010 special election for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy? It was hailed as a big win by the Republican Party. Voters across Massachusetts braved winter cold and snow for an election with high stakes, and the domestic agenda of President Obama, including his priority of health care reform. On Wednesday Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) continued his re-election strategy of positioning himself as an independent thinker and voter, going as far as to align himself with President Obama! This is a perfect example of how far left the Party has gone and the many “New Deal’ Republicans of today. This guy reminds me of another politician from Massachusetts, Mitt Romney who will say and do anything to get elected and has a similar record.

U.S. Homes Lose $700 Billion in Value in 2011

The year-end housing news is sobering, U.S. homes are expected to lose more than $681 billion in value in 2011. What’s the real estate market outlook for 2012? What can we expect looking ahead to 2012, the unabsorbed pool of housing supply, dragging levels of consumer confidence, high unemployment and negative equity will continue to put downward pressure on the housing market.’s-the-go/

Politicians Pull Off Bigger Ponzi Scheme than Bernie Madhoff Ever Did

Who gets your social security after you`re dead? Remember, not only did you contribute to Social Security but your employer did too. It totaled 15% of your income before taxes. If you averaged only $30K over your working life, that’s close to $220,500. If you calculate the future value of $4,500 per year (yours & your employer’s contribution) at a simple 5% (less than what the govt. pays on the money that it borrows), after 49 years of working you’d have $892,919.98. This is another example of what Rick Perry called “TREASON in high places”

Trump Drops Republican Party Registration in NY

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has changed his voter registration in New York state from Republican to unaffiliated. This is a trend by Republicans that has been, and will be, playing out in larger numbers in the foreseeable future. When a Political Party sways from it’s founding principles, traditions, and values this trend becomes inevitable. This is happening around the county at all levels of government whether it be at the local, state, or federal levels. An example of this happened at the local Monroe County Republican Party Convention in 2008 when the right to a secret ballot was taken away (A Democrat Union Tactic) as to retain power and control by the status quo. The highest ranking member of this local party, Senator Randy Richardville of Monroe stood to be counted as to take away this right.There were over 50 precinct delegates at that convention that left the Republican Party and won’t be back.

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation, one is by the sword, the other is by debt.

John Adams

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