The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, January, 9, 2012

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Opinion by R Al Bain

As I follow the presidential nominee process though an array of avenues such as newspapers, television, Internet, social media, blogs, and emails from various individuals and contacts including current politicians, former politicians, national committeemen, state committeemen, precinct delegates, and the voting public in general, I have to admit that my suspicions involving the electoral process are right on point. Do you think that the process is fair and balanced? Is there manipulation going on in this process that you may not be aware of? If the answer to the above question is yes you do believe there is manipulation going on and yes I’m aware of this then I would propose that this is not in the best interest of we the voters and our country. 

I suspected that the jig was up after the 2008 primary in W. Virginia when Mitt Romney suddenly dropped out of the nomination process unexpectedly when it still looked like he had a shot. After studying the reasons for his sudden exit I came to the conclusion that the power broker elitist and the GOP encouraged him as to make that move to withdraw from the nomination process adding that wait till 2012 you’ll be our guy it’s John McCain’s turn. Then back in early October of this year a top GOP official and bundler Georgette Mosbacher told reporters, “We know who will be our nominee.” She then added, I think tomorrow, we’ll be contacting one another and probably put something together with Romney, and I would say that the race is now Romney and Obama. These were statements spoken by Georgette Mosbacher, RNC Finance Co-Chair and huge GOP fundraiser.

I guess the rest of us really don’t have a say in who we want as a nominee and we as voters are right back to square one in that we get to vote for the worst of two evils. The Republican Party has lost membership in record numbers of late and this trend will likely continue with the shenanigans playing out such as the above example. This is happening at all levels of the Republican Party from the local, state and federal ranks. The Republican Party is quick to ask for member support through donations, campaign help, and various other duty’s, but when we offer our ideas and input it falls on deaf ears. The old guard status quo of the Republican Party knows what’s in our best interest as Republicans so keep your ideas and input to yourself, just contribute to the Party with donations, volunteer, and they will take care of the rest!

Richardville Says, Citizens of Michigan Just Don’t Get it!

Oh, but we do, all to well! Speaking to the Detroit News Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville of Monroe is concerned that the public doesn’t understand the long-term benefits of the recent reforms while praising himself and his colleagues. Where do I start? Reinventing and reforming the business tax on the backs of Michigan taxpayers instead of cutting the size and scope of Michigan’s government. If Michigan was to go with a part-time legislature the savings would have more than paid for the business tax reform without the extra tax burden bestowed upon the taxpayers.  

Another reinvention in these reforms is the taxing of pensions. Tell the current or soon to be retirees that this is a good thing. Unlike the public sector, private sector retirees do not receive the cushy Cadillac retirement packages and pensions that our elected officials receive. If workers would have know at the beginning of their working careers their pensions would be taxed they could have planned for it. Another reform while looking good on the surface, cutting lawmaker benefits, would have been great for Michigan except they exempted 36 out of 38 in the Senate alone. Ask way this cut didn’t include all lawmakers Mr. Richardville stated publicly that it wouldn’t be fair to those who came into office expecting this entitlement. Ask the retirees if they think it’s fair! What’s the old saying, what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. 

Mr. Richardville, I would say the citizens of Michigan understand all to well how these reforms you praise will have a huge impact on them and their lives! It’s somewhat shameful that what Mr. Richarville is calling accomplishments are things that are going to have such a direct negative impact on so many Michigan families. Michigan’s citizens expect and deserve better from those we elect as to represent us and unfortunately this just doesn’t seem to be the case.

Michigan Legislators Should Preserve Citizens Broad Right of Recall

Self-preservation is no less powerful an instinct in politics than any other walk of life. So it’s not surprising there are now both Democratic and Republican legislative proposals that would make it harder for Michigan citizens to remove politicians without waiting for the next election. But a round of lawmaker recall efforts engineered by the two parties this year, however misdirected, shouldn’t become an excuse to tinker with the state Constitution. 

The best argument against change is that our unfettered right to recall politicians is a powerful protection against abuse of power and government overreach, always among top concerns for people who value their freedom. Furthermore, there already are built-in safeguards against frivolous use of the process. This change proposed by the current Michigan Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville and Senate Majority floor leader Arlan Meekhof are but self serving as to assure protections of continuing feeding at the ‘public trough” no matter what actions they take that would negatively effect the very citizens they are supposed to represent. The broad right of recalls as it stands is a protection mechanism in the balance of power between the citizens and those they would elect as to represent them.

After Michelle Bachmann Endorsed Pete Hokestra for Senate, Her Poll Numbers CRASHED!

The supposedly Queen of the “Tea Party” movement has dropped her bid as the GOP nominee after Iowa. What happened? An analysis of her campaign reveals a revelation as to why. Since presidential nominee hopeful Michelle Bachmann endorsed “Pork Barrel” Pete Hokestra of Michigan for U.S. Senate back in September of 2011 and winning the Iowa Ames straw poll in August of 2011 her poll numbers steadily declined! True Republican Conservatives and Tea Party voters not only in Michigan, but around the country will not tolerate endorsements of liberal GOP candidates especially when their records prove this out.

What’s the Real Reason Monroe County Drain Commissioner Stefanski Retiring Early?

An article in the Monroe Evening News on November, 5, 2011 interviewing Monroe County Drain Commissioner Dan Stefanski on his announced early retirement with one year left on his elected four year term where he stated his reasons brings forth some serious questions. While it’s understandable that some personal issues change in one’s life with some of his reasons in the article being questionable at best.

He stated that his mother and his mother in-law recently passed away and this has taken a toll on his family. That may be justified but we all pass on in life at some point in time. Some of the other reasons mentioned in the article was that he wanted to spend more time with his family. That to may also be a valid reason that I’m sure most of us would like to spend more time with our families. However, this should have been taken into consideration when he decided to represent the citizens of Monroe County running for re-election in 2008 as Drain Commissioner.

Now for the valid questionable reasons given by Mr. Stefanski. He stated that he enjoy’s scuba diving, golf, and other personal activities and with this early retirement, this would give him the time as to pursue his personal interest. So are these new interest that developed since he made the commitment to the citizens of Monroe County who elected him in 2008? When I was serving our country in the United States Air Force that I made a commitment for four years under oath, I was denied personal leave as to attend my grandmothers funeral for she was not considered immediate family. Is there a difference? Don’t elected officials take an oath also?

With the elections in 2010, a new majority was elected to the Monroe County Board of Commissioners and a pattern has been developed which may effect contracts of county employees and elected officials with regard to benefits and salary compensation including retirement packages. Could this be the real reason for this early retirement by Monroe’s Drain Commissioner? If Mr. Stefanski retires now he is assured of the full Cadillac plan that is already in place, but if he stay’s for the full term he committed to in 2008 and changes are made, would he stand to lose out on the current retirement package now in place? Could this uncertainty be the real reason? Our there special contract and retirement provisions currently in place that would force his decision? The link below may give insight in answering this question.

Increased Regulations Shut Down Coal Plants, Energy Costs Skyrocket

As Michigan’s coal industry has been decimated in part by increased state and federal environmental regulations, some experts are concerned energy bills will skyrocket. Consumers Energy also announced it didn’t anticipate operating its seven coal-fired plants past January 2015. At the same time it’s shutting down coal plants, Consumers Energy proposed hiking its electric-rates by $147 million this year. These plant closings will have a far more reaching impact that just rate hikes!

Snowballing repercussions are starting to roll in with the closing of Consumers JR Whiting Coal Fired Power Plant in Luna Pier, Michigan. This will cost taxpayers of that city and Monroe County dearly. This is a perfect example of state and federal over-regulations not to mention job killers. When a community loses over 50% of it’s tax base revenue along with the jobs that are provided by these plants, Houston we have a problem!

Not only has Luna Pier lost half of it’s revenue base and jobs that were provided by this plant, other snowballing effects are coming to the forefront. A 2.1 million drain project was well under way and bonds were issued for the project before new state and federal regulations forced Consumers Power to announce the plant closing. These bonds were issued under the full faith and credit of Monroe County. Failure of the city to make payments will require the county to step in and make up any deficiencies. Ultimately this will cost the taxpayers of Monroe County and effect the over-strapped county budget already in place at a time when communities are suffering financially.

With over regulation and revenue sharing cuts to communities by the state this will ultimately require a tax increase to the citizens. This is nothing more than an indirect tax hike on the citizens of Michigan by our state and federal legislators!

Global Watt Inc. a Solar Panel Company Cancels Proposed Plant in Saginaw

This is the yet another example of our politicians in Lansing continuing the failed practice of wasting taxpayer dollars by picking winners and losers in the business community with subsidies. First, this company was promised (potentially worth tens of millions of dollars in subsides) to locate here under the guise it would create a whopping 500 jobs. Then this company was evicted recently for not paying the rent on it’s building in Saginaw. Now it’s canceling it’s proposed new plant that was to created those jobs. Isn’t it amazing how quickly bankruptcy pursues green jobs after the government check clears the bank?

There are those that would say this is just more fall out from the Granholm administration, that would be true but the Republican led legislature here in Michigan has continued to subsidize her agenda with these failed companies at an alarming rate which is a waste of taxpayer dollars! The New Bridge to Canada, Film Producers, Green and Solar energy subsidies are all Granholm agenda babies. No one has pushed harder in Lansing as to continue Jenny’s agenda than Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville who in the past was quoted as saying to a former Monroe County Republican Party executive committee member that “nobody sits to the left of me”. All one has to do is check his voting record on the Bridge, Film Producers, and Energy as to confirm.–136529463.html

State Spending: Up, Up and Away in Michigan

In spite of the rhetoric we are hearing out of Lansing on the wonderful reforms that were made in 2010, this article tells a different story.

Victims of Smoking Ban Cut Off Politicians

Small bar owners angered over losing their butts to the statewide indoor smoking ban plan to give lawmakers the boot. A newly formed group, Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan (PPPRM), has organized an effort to ban lawmakers from their establishments in protest against Michigan’s smoking ban. The smoking ban has been disastrous for Michigan’s small bar owners and their employees. Some reports business off as much as 50% or more which has forced them to lay-off workers. Actually the term ‘smoking ban victims’ was coined in Ohio about the ban down there. But at least in Ohio the ban was done through a vote of the people. Here in Michigan, lawmakers just did it to us. Just like the healthcare exchange big government knows what’s best for us!

McCain Endorses Romney in New Hampshire

Oh the webs they weave! Validation is a wonderful thing. This endorsement just proves my suspicions were valid! I knew in 2008 after Romney suddenly dropped out of the presidential running after the West Virginia primary that he was told by the power brokers of the party that he would be their guy in 2012 for 2008 was John McCain’s turn.

The Republican Party just doesn’t get it. They continue to throw Moderate to Liberal left leaning Republican Candidates at the base of the Party. The Conservative Republicans and Tea Party faithful will not support these types of Republican Candidates period. This is nothing more than the same old power broker status quo elitist of the Republican Party that continues to lead us down the road to failure. All the talk of Washington and our Country being broken is just plain old rhetoric. Business as usual is still the theme of the day.

Planet Dingell: Volt “Selling Like Hotcakes”

GM cheerleader John Dingell huffed that Volts are “selling like hot cakes.” And Elvis is alive. And Greece is a model of fiscal health. Despite GM’s prediction that it would sell 10,000 Volts this year, it is currently languishing at 5,816 units sold, in spite of the fact that the federal government at the behest of John Dingell and others subsidizes each Volt sale to the tune of $7,500. Maybe our legislators in Lansing can get their Film Producer buddies to make a movie called “Subsidies Gone Wild” staring the lead proponent of Michigan’s Film Producer Subsidies Senator Randy Richardville along with his colleagues that voted for it? After all, the good Senator from Monroe thinks John Dingell is a “role model and statesman” in his own words with Senate Resolution 10 which he introduced in 2009.

Does John Dingell even know the Volt’s sales figures? How to explain this? One possibility is that Dingell actually believes the fiction that permeates political circles. Politicians love the Volt because it is everything they think a car should be. It’s “green”. It’s made by union labor. It’s subsidized by the government. It has to be selling. It must be selling. Why wouldn’t it be selling? When you’re this steeped in the propaganda, there’s no need to check the actual sales figures. You just know, baby. Then again, there are those little conveniently placed special interest “nuggets” that flow into their campaign coffers from those who benefit from these subsidies at the taxpayers expense.

The elimination of cronyism and the buddy system within all levels of government including local, state, and federal no matter what party affiliation is paramount to true and honest representation of the citizenry. R Al Bain

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