The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, March, 5, 2012

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“Post 2012 Michigan Presidential Primary Edition”

Opinion By R Al Bain

I always wondered why Kawme Kilpatrick seemed to be smiling and smirking when he got busted. Remember all the local businessmen who gave him money to get out of town? Alfred Taubman real estate developer, Roger Penske of Penske Racing, Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans, Peter Karmanos CEO of Compuware Corporation, who by the way gave Kawme a job in Texas, and John Rakolta Jr. CEO of Walbridge Construction company. Was there good reason for that; did they not want to be implicated in a corruption scheme? Are they all involved in one form or another? You make the call.

U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade better start digging a little deeper in the corruption rabbit hole for it’s just not Detroit! Are John Rakolta Jr., Randy Richardville, Robert Schostak, Bob Ficano, and a host of others involved in some kind of criminal enterprise? They all appear to be involved and linked together in one form or another. Film subsidies, no contract bids with the new Wayne County jail, Movie Studios, all their names show up together under a google search! All this has been published in the news media.

John Rakolta Jr. is chair and CEO of Walbridge Aldinger, one of the nation’s largest construction companies and National Chairman for “Mitt Romney’s” political campaign. He’s a big political donor and is also active in Business Leaders for Michigan. Robert Schostak was finance chairman of the state Republican Party under Ron Weiser former Michigan GOP chairman and Ambassador to Slovakia Ron Weiser, and now chairman of Michigan’s GOP Party. Schostak, is a commercial real estate developer by trade.

There’s more information than this! The trips to the Hollywood Emmy’s for Richardville paid for by Rakolta’s partner Linden Nelson in the Raleigh Film Studios. Linden Nelson’s friend Ari Emanuel, is a big shot in Hollywood and brother of former White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel The illegal notarization of campaign finance disclosure statements by Richardville’s mother. His paid trip to Daytona Speedway coincides with the Michigan International Speedway subsidies.  This does not appear to be a coincidence but linked together.

Have Michigan taxpayers (as well as local and federal taxpayers) paid these wealthy and politically connected businessmen using their checkbooks and relationships with corrupt politicians to secure taxpayer dollars in an elaborate scheme for personal and political financial gain? Has Michigan taxpayers provided the greatest tax giveaway for all connected by them using their political clout and campaign cash to keep this system in place? Again, you make the call! This is a script even Hollywood hasn’t come up with.


MI. GOP Hanky-Panky Shenanigans “BIG TIME”

They will do anything and everything including breaking the rules for their boy left leaning moderate Liberal Willard (Mitt) Romney! In what was actually a middle of the night, “smoke-filled” backroom, Team Romney and the Establishment of the Michigan Republican Party voted to ignore its own Rules (which were submitted to the Republican National Committee on February 7, 2012) and to ignore the results of Tuesday’s Primary Election. 

In what was actually a middle of the night, “smoke-filled” backroom, Team Romney and the Establishment of the Michigan Republican Party voted to ignore its own Rules (which were submitted to the Republican National Committee on February 7, 2012) and to ignore the results of Tuesday’s Primary Election. While the math is very clear, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney won 1 at-Large Delegate based on Tuesday’s vote, this BACKROOM BAND met in SECRET, late last night, and voted to award both at-Large voting Delegates to Mitt Romney. How could they do this you ask? How could they IGNORE their own RULES? Simple. They’re the Establishment, and since the voters didn’t vote the way they wanted, they’re just going to pretend the vote never happened.

Autism Bill Introduced in the Michigan Senate State

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, has introduced Senate Bill 981 legislation that would set up a new state fund (Bigger Government) to reimburse insurers and third-party administrators for the cost of claims they pay to diagnose and treat autism. If you think for one minute this mandate will not be passed onto you, the insurance rate payers you are sadly mistaken! This is nothing more than an indirect “TAX INCREASE” to the citizens of Michigan!

While I feel for couples who have children with autism or any other disorder it is not the responsibility of others to essentially pay for their diagnoses and treatment. If I had a child that experienced this disorder I wouldn’t feel that it was somebody else’s reasonability to pay for it. Any individual charlatan can (and often do) hang out a shingle for a diagnoses and or treatment and the citizenry would end up paying. The medical community is not an exact science and this disorder like many other’s has no known cure.

Yet Another Kilpatrick Appointee Accused of Taking Bribes, Kickbacks

Romney’s national campaign chair John Rokolta, Bob Ficano, Kwame Kilpatrick, and Romney’s Michigan co-chair Michigan State Senator Randy Richardville are just some of the names mentioned as having ties to Walter Ralph Mabry and there are plenty of more players in this corruption scandal. Now it’s about dirty pension deals.

Could the FBI be getting closer to other players not only in Detroit but Lansing as well? Last year Walter Ralph Mabry the Ex-Michigan union leader of the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters union plead guilty in federal court to accepting kickbacks from a casino consultant and a Chicago businessman who donated $10,000 to ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s nonprofit foundation, taking kickbacks in connection with the Carpenters’ Union Pension Trust Fund, Labor Racketeering and Fraud.

All these players are or have been involved in one way or another directly or indirectly! Michigan Film Producer subsidies, Michigan Film Studios, the New Bridge to Canada, Unions, and a whole host of other entities involving favorable legislation, campaign contributions, and political favors as well. When will the citizens of Michigan wake up and stop electing and re-electing this same type of representation? This has to come to an end or we will continue to suffer for it.

Unemployment Rate “Fuzzy” Math!

If Michigan had maintained the same number of people in the workforce as December 2007, and if all of the labor force drop-outs were instead classified as unemployed, Michigan’s unemployment rate would be at 16 percent.

Michigan Announces New State Park Near Alpena

Haven’t we heard from of legislators in Lansing we need more money to upgrade and maintain the current parks system? Wasn’t it announced not long ago some State Parks would have to be shut down for lack of resources? Just come to the taxpayers of Michigan for more subsidies and this shouldn’t be a problem. A retired State Park Manager said it best upon this announcement, establish a new park then take money and resources from existing parks to pay for it. This is “Pure Michigan” for sure!

South Carolina’s $62,500 Sellout Queen

Nikki Haley, a key supporter of Mitt Romney, received $62500 in campaign contributions since 2008 from state and federal political committees. Now that the Republican presidential carnival has moved o…ut of South Carolina, we can focus on exactly why Nikki Haley was so enthused over Mitt Romney. It’s all about the Benjamins.

Romney’s Rockefeller Problem

This is an excellent read. In his bid for the White House, Romney faces challenges similar to those Nelson Rockefeller, 49th governor of New York, faced during his 1964 presidential primary fight against the U.S. Senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater. Rockefeller was a liberal Republican whose views were generally closer to the Democratic Party.   In his time, conservatives were based in the Midwest and were growing in number in the West and South, while the moderate-to-liberal wing of the GOP was based in the Northeast and was the dominant force in the party. This latter wing was nicknamed me-too Republicanism for running on a platform resembling the Democratic Party (synonymous with today’s Republican in Name Only (RINO).

Michigan Victory Can’t Mask Romney’s Troubles – Democrats likely Voted Romney!

The title of this article speaks volumes! The accusations and suggestions that Democrats were urged to vote for Santorum either by the Democrats or the Santorum camp by Romney doesn’t pass muster. A closer look at the counties won here in Michigan finds conservative Republicans overwhelmingly voted for Rick Santorum over Mitt Romney. 

Santorum won the majority of Michigan’s counties hands down! What looks to be the winning margin for Romney was the heavy populated and predominantly Democratic counties in South Eastern Michigan. Romney only won 29 of Michigan’s 83 counties with Santorum winning 54! Keeping in mind that South Eastern Michigan comprising of mostly Democrats with small pockets of Republicans, very small pockets! With Mitt Romney’s liberal left leaning policy’s while governor of Massachusetts and his past record proves this may have been the case.|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Did GOP Strategy Backfire in Michigan?

Republican leaders in Michigan voted to choose their 2012 presidential convention delegates with a closed primary. Under Michigan law, a closed primary means people going to the polls must declare themselves Republicans before casting ballots. “Any registered voter whether Republican, Democrat, Communist is eligible,” Washtenaw County Republican Bill Bigler said. But the Republican leadership in Lansing thought this would be great for the “liberal left leaning moderate” Romney as to have the Democrat cross-over vote. 

Washtenaw County Republican Bill Bigler went on to say that  “We should have a process by which Republicans choose the Republican nominee for president.” The Michigan GOP knew Romney would be a hard sell for the center right and true conservatives here in Michigan. Maybe that’s why they voted for a closed primary in the hope that the moderate to blue dog Democrats would cross-over and cast their vote in favor of Romney. Looks like it may have back-fired with Romney’s sour grapes accusations of Santorum.   This strategy backfired two fold. Michigan lost half of its delegates for holding the primary contests outside of the RNC-approved timeframe, and with the changing from a open to closed primary in their thinking it would help Romney!

Republican Party Wrong With Romney

Romney won Genesse County, (Flint) Michigan in 2008 with 34 percent of the county’s voters, in 2012 he lost the county with 38 percent of the county’s voters according to preliminary results. This parallels with the Democrats election “sweep” of 2008. Hillary Clinton handily won Genesee County in her party’s 2008 primary with 56 percent of the vote and didn’t garner the Democrats nomination. In the 2008 presidential election, Genesee County went for an unknown Barack Obama with 65 percent in the general. 

Although this example is but one Michigan county in which Romney only won 29 of Michigan’s 83 counties in 2012 it shows that support for this Republican candidate is very weak! Romney accused Rick Santorum of actively courting the Democrat vote but this just doesn’t pass muster. For example, “I can’t bring myself to do that, either,” Spademan said of crossover voting. “It’s too repulsive.” Davison Township resident Craig Charham, 57, gave his support to Ron Paul. “I just changed my mind at the last minute on him,” Charcham said. “Four years ago, I voted for Mitt Romney.”

The statement given by the Davison Township resident should clearly show that Romney can’t win in the general! Just like John McCain in 2008 who received only 45% of the vote in the general election Romney will fair no better. Of all the states so far in this primary season Romney has only won one state with over 50% of the votes and that was Harry Reid’s state of Nevada with 50.1%. The Republicans better wake up and consider a true conservative candidate or we will have four more years of the socialist Obama agenda!

The food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to “please do not feed the animals” because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves. United States Department of Agriculture

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