The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, April, 30, 2012

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Statement by R Al Bain
The former Republican Chairman of the Monroe County Republican Party – Jeff Andring has filed a re-call petition against Senator Randy Richardville. This say’s something in and of itself when a Republican files a re-call against a fellow Republican! As a member of the Monroe County Executive Committee (non-active) I feel very strongly that the former chairman has done his duty as a Republican.

When we have a fellow Republican that does not adhere to the Principles, Traditions, and Values that the Republican Party was founded upon, “Houston We Have a Problem”! Senator Richardville has continued to pursue and promote the failed agenda of the Granholm administration with his legislative policies. This is unbecoming of a true Republican.

Our once proud Republican Party has been infiltrated by liberals and Democrats who have abandoned the Democratic Party for that Party has moved to far to the left for even some Democrats taste. If the center right conservatives allow this infiltration to continue without taking action our Republican Party may very well go by the way of the very Party it replaced, The Wigg Party.

A hearing has been set for May, 2, 2012 as to approve the re-call language and updates will be forthcoming. I would encourage all true Republicans to get involved with this re-call as to send a strong and powerful message to the Party establishment that we the members and precinct delegates mean business and we want our Party back! Petition and web site information will be available soon look for updates.

Interview with Jeff Andring on Talk Radio Station WPIQ 92.7
Jeff Andring the former chairman of the Monroe County Republican Party discusses the re-call against Senator Randy Richardville with conservative talk show host Doug Sedenquist on Upper Michigan’s only FM Talk Radio Station WPIQ 92.7 FM Tuesday, April, 17, 2012

Richardville Keeps Rolling Out His Pit-Bulls
Senator Randy Richardville’s Adviser Steve Linder Blast “TEA Party Activist”
Republican consultant, fundraiser and Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville’s adviser Steve Linder calls TEA Party Activist “Malcontents” for their outspoken criticism of his policies and we are the attackers? Talk about calling the kettle black!

This is the same adviser who publicly stated these activist are a bunch of “6th graders” in regard to the threatening letter of cease and desist sent our by Senator Ricahdville’s attorneys after a public response by one of the activist were he used the Andrew Brietbart quote “bring it on”.

Michigan citizens who dare to stand up and speak out against the policies of their elected officials will be vilified by those in power. Do the citizens of Michigan agree with this? What’s been lost in all this is the fact that our elected officials work for us “we the people” not the other way around! As an employee in the private sector if we question or “threatened” or name called our employer will surely would be fired.

Petition for “Statewide Vote” on New Government Bridge Approved by State Board of State Canvassers
The state Board of State Canvassers on Thursday morning approved the form of petitions in circulation seeking to put the issue of a new bridge to Canada up for a statewide vote in November. The board also approved the form of petitions for another ballot initiative that would require a two-thirds vote of the Legislature or a statewide majority vote to “increase state taxes” in the future.

Motorist Tolls Used for Roads they Don’t Use
This is exactly why Michigan citizens should revolt against any tax increase on our fuel and vehicle registration fees! It’s bad enough that the Michigan Legislature has consistently “robbed” our transportation road monies for other unspecified purposes in the past. Some recent examples prove this out.

Transfer road tax money to other purposes (Senate Roll Call 539) Senator Randy Richardville voted in favor to reduce the amount of infrastructure project spending from the transportation economic development fund by $12 million in the Fiscal Year that ends Sept. 30, 2009, and another $12 million in the next fiscal year. House Bill 5073 diverts this money to other state spending that was Signed into law by then Gov. Jennifer Granholm on November 3, 2009.

Transfer road tax money to other purposes (Senate Roll Call 404) Senator Randy Richardville voted in favor to transfer $5.7 million from the state “Comprehensive Transportation Fund” (from which subsidies to public transportation systems are paid), and use the money instead to avoid reductions in non-transportation state spending in the 2009-2010 fiscal year. See also House Bill 5679 (which transfers money from another source into the CTF). This one was Signed into law by then Gov. Jennifer Granholm on September 17, 2010.

2011 Senate Bill 411: Create “DRIC/NITC” bridge authority Introduced by Sen. Randy Richardville (R) on June 7, 2011, to “revise” the state road tax “allocation” law to “accommodate” the authority proposed by Senate Bill 410 to build a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor (the “Detroit River International Crossing” or “New International Trade Crossing,” a.k.a. “DRIC” or “NITC”). This would essentially take road fund monies away from our roads and transfer those monies to this new government authority! AKA, BIGGER GOVERNMENT!

There is a clear pattern here of “stealing” our road tax dollars for other state spending projects by our elected officials. And our legislators have the gull to propose new taxes on the citizens of Michigan as to repair our roads! Just say no to any new road taxes!

Legislation Introduced to Restrict People’s Right to Recall Politicians for Political Question 2011 Senate Joint Resolution S: Restrict People’s Right to Recall Politicians for Political Question
This legislation was introduced immediately after the 2011 recall of Michigan Republican Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville. Introduced by Sen. Arlan Meekhof (R) and co-sponsored by Sen. Randy Richardville (?) on December 1, 2011, to place before voters in the next general election a Constitutional amendment to repeal the right of the people to recall elected officials for a “political rather than (just) a judicial question,” and instead prohibit recalling an official for “discretionary performance of a lawful act or of a prescribed duty, including voting.” Future politicians could only be recalled for a criminal conviction, libel, and slander or misappropriating public assets.

There have been several legislative bills introduced that is showing a distinct pattern between Meekhof and Richardville in sponsoring bad legislation. Such as Senate Bill 992 (a mortgage bill tailored for one) along with many others. Doesn’t anybody but me see the pattern here?

The best argument against change is that our unfettered right to recall politicians is a powerful protection against abuse of power and government overreach, always among top concerns for people who value their freedom. Furthermore, there already are built-in safeguards against frivolous use of the process.

This change proposed by the current Michigan Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville and Senate Majority floor leader Arlan Meekhof are but self serving as to assure protections of continuing feeding at the ‘public trough” no matter what actions they take that would negatively effect the very citizens they are supposed to represent. The broad right of recalls as it stands is a protection mechanism in the balance of power between the citizens and those they would elect as to represent them.

Richardville Wants Voters to Raise Road Taxes
The Michigan Senate Majority leader wants to drag you the citizen, oh excuse me, how he wants to include you in deciding how to raise revenue (TAXES) for roads. Senator Richardville gives a whole new meaning to the term “Slick Willie”!  He seeks to create some “political cover” for his colleagues who are loathe to raise money on their own. After all they might get un-elected if they did that.

Richardville knows how to work the system to “his” advantage! He goes on to say, I think it’s smart to consider all options which is why he is still promoting two or three ballot questions for August that would give Michigan voters a menu of revenue (TAX) raising choices. This is from a guy who has repeatedly introduced legislation or voted in favor of robbing (stealing) our road fund monies! Kicking it to the voters is an example of how his failed leadership in the GOP legislature is dysfunctional.

House Speaker Jase Bolger wants to “see the details” from his buddy in the Senate, which is code for, Don’t lump me into this revenue-boosting tax raising scheme. I’ve see this script played out in the city of Lincoln Park where the roads were atrocious. Two years in a row they went to the taxpayers wanting more tax dollars on the election ballot. After the voters rejected both times they continued to let the roads deteriorate. The roads got so bad that the third time was a charm and the voters agreed to a tax hike. Are those same roads any better today? Not at all! That new revenue was spent for other purposes!

Calleycare a Costly Personal Crusade for TaxpayersThe Michigan View
Though it received little media coverage, how come Governor Snyder’s signing (in the person of Lt. Governor Rick Calley) of an Obmacare-like, expensive autism insurance coverage mandate didn’t get more resistance from business and Michigan’s Republican legislature last week? Part of the answer has to do with that lack of media coverage. The Main Street Media is strongly biased towards government-mandated solutions and was an advocate for Calley’s autism mandate. This despite the tantalizing story of Republican hypocrisy – that is, how could a GOP fighting a national campaign against Obamacare mandates support health mandates in Lansing?

GOP Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville commented on how bipartisan the bill was. Well, yes – if GOPers had caved on principle on Snyder’s budget, it too would have received overwhelming Democratic support. This is essentially a Tax Increase to the citizens of Michigan along with a new government run entity aka bigger government! If any Michigan health insurance policy holder doesn’t think for one minute that their premium isn’t going up because of this think again!

2012 Senate Bill 981: Authorize Autism-Mandate (FORCE) Insurance Company Subsidies
Introduced by Sen. Randy Richardville (R) on February 23, 2012, to authorize state subsidies to health insurance companies to compensate for the new coverage mandate proposed by Senate Bills 414 and 415, which would require them to include autism coverage in all their policies. The bill does not specify where the money would come from.

Richardville & LaVoy: Strange Bedfellows?
Monroe County probate judge candidate Jill LaVoy, who was hired by Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville’s for his pending “divorce” from his wife of 30 plus years will host a fundraising event from 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Democratic “UAW Hall”, 281 Detroit Ave. Tickets are $20.00. I wonder if Senator Richardville will be attending?

This begs the question why would a so-called Republican retain the services of a Democrat attorney? For those of us here in Monroe County the answer is clear! Senator Randy Richardville with his legislative record in support of “union institutional interest”, and his continued pursuit and promotion of the failed Granholm administration policies, should make it crystal clear for all to see that he is masquerading as a Republican as the Senate Majority leader of the Michigan Republican Senate.

With Senator Richardville’s recent actions of abusing his perceived political power and authority by threatening and attacking with law suits the constitutional “first amendment rights” of free speech of the citizens of Michigan and a privately owned conservative talk radio station as to silence the justifiable criticism of his legislative polices, integrity, and moral values are unconscionable!

Local Officials Skeptical of Michigan Business Tax Cuts
Republican lawmakers have long wanted to get rid of a tax on equipment they say is keeping manufacturers from hiring more workers, but have been held back by the troublesome question of how to replace the money local governments, libraries and school districts stand to lose.

Monroe Attorney Daniel White Appointed to Monroe County Circuit Court
Governor Rick Snyder appointed Monroe “family” lawyer Daniel White, of Monroe, to the 38th Circuit Court in Monroe County. Monroe County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Brown confirmed he was applying for the seat. Mr. Brown, an assistant prosecutor for seven years, is a member of the executive committee and treasurer of the Monroe County Republican Party led by Senator Richardville. Senator Richardville praised Governor Snyder for making the right choice. So much for Michael Brown’s loyalty!

“When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson

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